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How to make up for students

MM people all know that different ages, different occupations, different occasions should have different makeup, different ages and occupations have different makeup methods, pure student sister of course to spend pure student makeup, now hurry up to action, let's look at the makeup skills and methods of student makeup, make a flawless pure makeup for the students!

Key points of students' makeup skills:

1. Although it is early autumn, but the power of the autumn tiger is not small. The slightly hot weather still makes people oily. Before you put on makeup, you must control the oil first, so as to avoid the skin oil dissolving the beautiful makeup;

2. Students are not suitable for heavy make-up. If you paint a misty make-up, it will be perfectly combined with the temperament of youth;

3. Students usually have a day's class, and the time between classes is so hurried, so it's very important to prevent the dizziness of their makeup.

Step 1: convergence maintenance before makeup

Specific methods: before make-up, use make-up water with the function of astringent pore, pour it on the cotton pad and paste it in the T area which is prone to oil. After 5 minutes, apply the moisturizing oil control emulsion on the whole face.

Step 2: use oil-free foundation.

Specific methods: use finger to dip the texture of fresh and fat free liquid foundation, then spread it over a large area on the face. Finally, it is necessary to smear evenly for the delicate parts.

Step 3: replace the powder with powder.

Specific methods: using powder instead of honey powder, can make the makeup effect more durable, use brush instead of powder puff, will not make makeup look too strong.

Step 4: use waterproof eyebrow pencil

Specific methods: Waterproof eyebrow pencil instead of general eyebrow pencil, such as eyeliner like natural fountain pen, so it is not easy to take off makeup.

Step 5: brush the blush to avoid the gloss.

Specific methods: do not use blush with a large amount of pearl powder, brush the blush over the brush to avoid the laughing muscles on the face. This is the easiest place to get out of the oil.

Step 6: keep your eyelids fresh

Specific methods: before the upper eye shadow, gently press the upper and lower eyelids with paper towels and brush the eye special honey powder to keep the makeup lasting.

Step 7: the level of eye shadow.

Specific methods: use eye shadow brush to separate layers of eye shadow with different colors and without pearlescent, then brush it over the upper eye socket and upper eye fold.

Step 8: anti halo eye liner

Specific methods: use waterproof eye liner, first skim off the excess amount on the back of the hand, and draw a detailed eye liner along the root of the eyelash.

Step 9: apply lip liner to avoid makeup removal