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How to paint Retro Red makeup?

How to paint Retro Red makeup in 2011? With the trend of 80 retro, many fashionable brides have joined the trend of retro dress. Only grasp the correct makeup skills, with the overall makeup, you can control. Let's take a look at the beautiful retro red lip makeup collected by Sihai Xiaobian for the bride. What we want to play is this style.

1. Red lips party

Today, I made an appointment with a friend to go to a nightclub and have a good time. Do you want to show yourself in the nightclub and become the focus of attention? This red lip makeup is perfect. Daub on the red nail, put on the sexy skirt that you like, today let's enjoy the crazy play!

2. Japanese beauties show off red lips

The red lips of this make-up are not as prominent as those of the previous models. It takes the route of pink and tender red lips. The perfect combination with eye makeup makes this make-up more brilliant. Make up for a Japanese bride!

3. Red lips little woman sexy red lips

The post-80s and post-90s girls are always so concerned about fashion trends. If there is any news, they will follow suit one by one. This attractive red lip makeup shows the girl's inner desire to be a little woman. Her slightly charming eyes are full of a little expectation, which makes people can't help looking more.

4. Red lip style intellectual lady red lip makeup

Graceful smile, gentle eyes with a little bit of confusion, intellectual beauty's red lip makeup can attract people's attention, leaving a deep impression. Put on a charming dress, with favorite accessories, this makeup is not so exaggerated, intellectual and elegant, sexy and charming can show.