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Summer to create retro pop Eyeliner makeup, elegant temperament

I think retro makeup can always set off people's temperament. Do you want to improve your temperament? How to make retro eye makeup and be a temperament beauty.

STEP1 used a light brown eye shadow to create a gradual gradation in the eye socket. At the same time, gently underneath the eye tail to the pupil below the lower eyeliner, to highlight the effect of eye contour.

STEP2 uses a navy blue eyeliner to outline the eyelid along the base of the lash and slightly raise the end of the eye. Note that the eyeliner is about 2mm wide, not too thin or too thick.

STEP3 uses a small sponge eye shadow brush to dip silver gray eye shadow into'<, 'font' to smear the eye, and visually enlarges the eye.

Retro makeup is done.