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New Year party makeup, retro makeup, how to paint retro eyeliner is more attractive.

How to draw retro makeup for new year's party? Retro eye liner is more charming! At the end of the year party, the charming eye line shows the retro personality, the eye makeup and lip makeup of your personality. Xiaobian will teach you now!

Sisters' retro theme party, enhanced eyeliner and lip, fashion (micro-blog) personality. With the longer eye liner, the collocation of the eye is matched by the golden eye shadow.

Strengthen the eyelid line of eye tail, with slight upward trend and perfect convergence with lower eyeliner. At the end of the eye, you can add the false eyelashes and embellish the upper eyelid with the golden eye shadow of the earth. Lip makeup chooses fashionable orange department, pays attention to the description of lip contour, and highlights personality and retro feeling.

Makeup points: Retro character eye liner with the earth Golden Eye Shadow dizzy collocation.

Master the painting method of retro makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup skills, and wait to attract people's attention at the New Year party! Try it yourself.