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How to paint popular makeup in winter

2011 winter small smoke makeup again lift the ancient style, how to draw popular makeup? The upsurge of small smoke makeup is coming again. Makeup is popular in winter 2011, and small smoky makeup is our duty. Recommend a mature and elegant retro small smoky makeup to create a watery big eye. How to draw small smoky makeup in winter?

Smokey eye make-up, painted with black eyeliner, then gently blot out the eyeliner to create a smoky makeup effect, making eyes deep, curling eyelashes, and the spot of pearl eye, so that the eyes are large and bright.

Painting method 1 of small smoke Makeup: first dip an appropriate amount of pearlescent gold with your fingers, and apply it on the eyelids in a large area as a primer.

Smokey eye make-up two: then use eye shadow brush, dip in the right gray eye shadow, smear the eye tail at the 1/5 position of the eye. When applying, we need to extend upward and outward, and then apply again from 1 / 5 of the lower eye head along the root of the eyelashes. Finally, we apply the & lt; Type connection.

Smokey eye make-up three: take out a black eyeliner and carefully fill the gap in the root of the eyelash. Remember, we need to paint every eyelash gap, and let the last lashes be filled before letting go.

Smokey eye make-up four: the eye shadow brush dipped in a silver eye shadow with pearlescent color and brushed it on the < of the eye. I don't know if you know, this practice is the characteristic of French smoked makeup. Raise your eyes and make your eyes bigger.

Smokey eye make-up five: take out a thick mascara, start with the roots of the eyelash, and create a long and black eyelash with the Z brush.

Painting method 6 of small smoke Makeup: dip an appropriate amount of high gloss powder with a brush, apply it on the T-shaped area and large C, and gently sweep it. Don't be too thick. Brighten the makeup in the middle.

Smokey eye make-up seven: finally, in order to match the overall elegance and elegance of makeup, we dip the lip brush into the nude lipstick and evenly spread it on the lips to create a fresh and natural lip makeup.

In the winter of 2011, small smoky makeup revived the ancient style. The painting method of small smoky makeup has been introduced. Have you learned it? Inner double girls don't have to worry. They can draw small smoked makeup if they master makeup skills!