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How to create Japanese sweet makeup in autumn and winter?

How to make Japanese sweet makeup in autumn and winter? Even in autumn and winter, even with heavy clothes, make-up should be sweet and lovely. Then check the sweet Japanese makeup popular in autumn and winter with Xiaobian!

Elegance party makeup Dark Color Eyeshadow gorgeous.

Maybe it's the splendid palace banquet attended by sendurila, maybe it's the Carnival Party in the dark, the light can always cause reverie. If you want to emphasize yourself in such an occasion, you have to make every part perfectly dressed. The dark eye shadow is graceful and extraordinary, and your eyes are full of power.

~ charming skin full of lustre ~

The doll like transparent ceramic muscle lets you shine absolutely in the autumn and winter. Under the lustrous makeup, a simple eye makeup and a round blush are made. This kind of penetrating feeling makes people feel tender and loving. With sweater and coat, I feel like a girl next door, pure and lovely.

~ healing is a warm makeup, cold in autumn and winter ~

The deep and tender brown eye shadow is the key to this makeup. The color of the eye tail and the casual feel are the popular elements of Nordic style in autumn. Naked color lipstick, light color is very healing, just like the goddess of winter, warm heart. Sweet and elegant feeling, more beautiful.

You can't miss the sweet wind Princess flavor

Retro style can't be reduced in autumn and winter. Retro neon clothes, retro hair accessories and retro make-up are essential for trendsetters in autumn and winter. On the silky white skin, the red lips are extremely feminine. Want to retro and sweet feeling can choose dark pink, in mature and elegant at the same time add a little naive romantic atmosphere.

Enjoy the sunshine in autumn and winter

In the sunlight, skin problems can be particularly revealed. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the bottom makeup at this time. We must follow the combination of bottom cream + foundation solution + Concealer + loose powder. But the eye makeup instead becomes not so important, fresh naked makeup is king. Light makeup, enjoy the taste of sunshine.