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How to make Japanese elegant and innocent makeup?

The appearance of innocent make-up seems to open a window for the cosmetics industry. How to make Japanese elegant and innocent makeup? This kind of beautiful and lovely makeup looks so lovely and touching, naturally, men can't help loving her. How to paint Japanese innocent makeup?

Although the steps are not too many, but this kind of make-up is more suitable for daily life, usually more than ten minutes can easily finish the makeup, let's learn together.

After the foundation is mixed with BB cream, it will be very good to use this makeup. It can be squeezed into the back of the hand and mixed well.

At the beginning of the foundation, according to each person's own way to push evenly, I tend to use hand press to push evenly.

The powder ZA makeup powder is very clear and natural.

Eyelash, I used to finish eyelashes and then draw eyeliner, otherwise draw good Eyeliner afraid of being spent.

Draw the corner of the eye and the end of the eye

I usually draw my eyes and eyes at the corners of my eyes and look at the front of the eye. I will strengthen my eyeliner at the top of the black eye, and draw a wider picture, which will make the eyes very round.

The tail of the eye slightly arced

The lower eyelid is slightly arced in the eye tail and filled with the drooping eye makeup.

I will cut a short eyelash on the part of the false eyelash, add it to the top of the eyeball, enhance the position of the eyeliner, have the effect of upward enlargement, or be more skillful in sticking false eyelashes, so do not use clip. Do not apply too much mascara, or it will make the eyelash root very thick and unnatural. The eye that takes false eyelash has God a lot.

The Four Color Eyeshadow effect is pretty good, and the cost performance is higher. Generally, I will use the belly button instead of the brush to directly coloring. The normal order should be the first eye shadow after the eyeliner, I usually use the eye shadow to do the effect of thinning eyeliner, otherwise it will look too plate, first use the white shadow after the eye shadow, then brown or black in the eye socket, and finally use the clean finger belly to dye, will appear the eye is deep, the eye corner white high gloss, push with the belly button, can increase the refreshing effect.

Because the hair color is brown, so I also choose brown eyebrow pencil. After eyebrow drawing, use eyebrow sweep to sweep simply, the outline is not too obvious, it will be more natural.

Finally, smear blush and grin on the laughing muscles. The whole makeup is finished. Does it look very colorful?

Sihai color makeup editor has introduced a lot of contents about Japanese innocent makeup for you. If you want to know more about Japanese makeup, Sihai color makeup editor will continue to introduce it to you. Please continue to pay attention to Sihai color makeup, and there will be different harvest!