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How to make up Japanese girls?

Japanese makeup will have a lot of people like, especially girls mm. So how to draw Japanese girl's make-up? Let's explain it one by one!

Highlight the three-dimensional sense of the face

The contour of the face is perfect, the facial features are concave and convex, and the cheek is very compact and three-dimensional. Highlighting the three-dimensional sense of the face is the key point of makeup. Like this three-dimensional facial features, basically do not need too much make-up, already can highlight the whole temperament modeling.

Clear and impenetrable

Clear and flawless skin, which can be broken by blowing, is always the expression of youth. For such light, transparent and bright skin, although the makeup is as light as plain, the luster of both cheeks is indispensable. Light invisible powder texture

The smooth and perfect skin like diamond, the subtle invisible powder texture reveals the gentle sweetness. Even if it is such a light makeup, it makes people feel excited, and the instant bloom will bloom when you look back.

Delicate eye makeup with a sense of detail

Idol dramas and heroine heroines are full of delicate eye makeup with details to show their beautiful impression. No matter they are eyelashes, eyeliner or eye shadow, just grab a key point and balance the whole style with eye makeup. Learn them to add a little bit of heart in the eyes can send out a dazzling temperament that people can find at a glance.

Brown with brown eyebrows

Brown and brown eyebrows can not only make the whole make-up look energetic, but also very bright in the eyes. The rich eyeliner and perfect immaculate makeup show that the lady's temperament is more perfect.

The delicate lips and cheeks set off the fine pearls at the corners of the eyes

High Guizi, blue and gray, delicate lips and cheeks set off the fine pearls at the corners of the eyes. Nails are also embellished with water diamonds to echo the eyes, and light color is shining to interpret the outstanding temperament of thousands of gold.

Thick black full frame Eyeliner

Thick black full frame Eyeliner makes eye contour deep, petal lips sexy attractive. The weakening of the eye shadow gives the makeup a little blank, like the mystery of the female spy, giving people boundless reverie.

Focus on moisturizing before makeup

Especially pay attention to the moisturizing before make-up. I think the most fundamental way to improve the skin condition is to actively moisturize. Add a layer of moisturizing lotion before making up, so that the brightness of the skin and the wearing degree of the base makeup will be improved.

White and transparent muscle base

On the white and transparent muscle base, the pink of April cherry blossom is sprinkled on the skin, and the thick eyelashes drop down slightly like a feather fan. The quiet and soft expression perfectly interprets the freehand brushwork of spring.

Soft haze effect

In the dry season, the powder alone can lead to adverse effects, and the soft haze effect can create a naturally flawless skin.

How to draw a good Japanese girl's make-up? Girls mm have learned? Sihai color make-up, there are more Japanese makeup explanation, can't miss Oh!