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Teach you 10 pure and sweet Japanese makeup

Beauty tips: make up can make girls more beautiful and confident. Japanese make-up is becoming more and more popular. Let's take a look at 10 Super Sweet Japanese make-up to see which one is suitable for you?

Transparent base makeup

If you want to make a pink and sweet makeup, the most basic and important thing is transparent base makeup, no makeup is better than make-up, clear and natural, in order to win the return rate Oh!

Pearlescent pink lipstick

Second essential elements of sweet Makeup: Pearl pink lipstick. Don't forget to put on a layer of lip balm to protect your lips. Don't worry about the MM with deep lips. You can use the naked lipstick to make a bottom and then apply the pink lipstick. At the moment when the corners of the mouth rise, if the sweet lips are frozen, people can't help but want to take a bite!

Build blush and eyelash

This makeup is mainly focused on blush and eyelash creation. Blush has chosen a relatively delicate powder. The eyelash has been built with false eyelashes to make eyes look more divine.

Peach pink blush

The same is the peach pink blush hit the zygomatic bone, the black eyeliner depicts the entire eyelid, the lower eyelash emphasizes the sense of bundling, so that the overall makeup looks cute and naughty.

Towards the feeling of no makeup

This makeup is more of a sense of no makeup, eyes are pretty enough, almost no modification, blush is a relatively popular pink, lip makeup is more paste into the skin color lipstick.