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How to draw makeup for Japanese girls

Japanese little fresh girl makeup experience, how to draw Japanese little fresh makeup? Japanese makeup is fresh and natural, with rich colors and unique matching methods. Fresh makeup can create a different self for you! Now learn how to draw Japanese fresh makeup!

Fresh orange makeup

1. use orange eye shadow to smear the entire eyelid part, then the female draw the eye liner with the blue Eyeliner back and forth, forming a sharp contrast.

2. brush the blue mascara and match the blue eyeliner to make the female eyes deep and divine.

3. orange colored cheeks are painted from the inside to outside the cheekbones. Women highlight the corners of their eyes, nose wings, forehead and chin.

4. choose the lipstick that is similar to skin color and smear it with your fingers, so that the temperature will make the lipstick softly fit on the lips.

Good bottom makeup includes many secret weapons besides the liquid foundation. It uses translucent or opaque powder to cover and complement colors. First use the bottom milk to correct the complexion, then use the foundation fluid, the foundation color will appear correctly. After the foundation liquid is used, it will affect the good foundation color and even the caking phenomenon of the bottom makeup.

The most important thing of make-up is the base make-up. If this step is done well, others will not be so difficult. There are many kinds of Japanese small fresh makeup, continue to serve you!