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How to draw Japanese three dimensional small face makeup

How to draw Japanese three-dimensional small face makeup? Detailed explanation of Japanese deep eye makeup painting method. Want to be like a foreign girl with a small face and deep facial features! Japanese stereo small face makeup painting recommended to you, find deep eye makeup make-up skills, draw a suitable for their own Japanese makeup bar.

Looks naive round face, such as sculpture deep small face makeup. Easy to show fat round face & hellip& rarr; The outline tightened in an instant

Transform the eyes with serious eyelids into big and bright double eyelids

With fiber, turn into double eyelids. The original eyelid will be a little after the paste, open the eyes is very natural. Even the outline of the double eyelids of the eyes covered by the eyelids appeared. Turn into a big eye image. Magic fiber for natural double eyelids.

The further technique to keep double eyelids is double eyelid glue!

Just keep your eyelids, cut a small piece and stick it on your eyes. Then apply eyetalk excel double eyelid glue on the head and tail of the eye to firmly fix the double eyelids completed in step 1& lt; Right & gt; Beauty's Double Eyelid Tape 252 yen / lucky trend can also make up on the tape& lt; Left & gt; Eyetalk excel 13ml 1890 yen / koji is the glue for keeping double eyelids in our shop.

Use nose shadow powder to make nose appear high

From between the eyes and nose, to the nose, brush a's nose shadow powder. Inverted triangle brush method to create a mixed look. Now show highlight 609 yen / Cezanne cosmetics can be used in 2-color sets of popular goods.

The basic brown eye shadow uses a soft light color system.

The entire eyelid is coated with a, and a large eye shadow brush is used to scan B in the triangle area at will. Use eyeliner to draw inner eyeliner.

Use liquid eyeliner to draw inner eyeliner. In order to maintain the balance of the double eyelids, it is necessary to draw the end of the eye long. Joly et Joly et black 1260 yen / avance small parts can also be easily described by 0.1mm nib.

Want to emphasize round eyes, false eyelashes near the inside to wear

Cut 2 / 3 of the full-size false eyelashes and stick them on the inner side of 1 ~ 2mm at the end of the eye. It's covered with droop and pasted with mature charm. Diamond lash true eye 1050 yen / sho-bi focuses on the false eyelashes at the end of the eye.

Natural thick eyebrow indulges in

In order not to look conservative, choose a bright color. In this way, the leisure image of Dr & shy will be achieved immediately; Le de sourcil n # 23 1680 yen / bourjous waterproof type that won't take off makeup.

For a long time, it looks like frost cream.

First of all, slanting onto the frosted blush. From then on, like a halo dye, the inverted triangle is superimposed on the beige blush. lt; Right & gt; Diamond Blue honey orange 1050 yen / wave Corporation & lt; Left & gt; Painting cheek 04 504 yen / Cezanne cosmetics

I hate thick lips, so I don't do anything about them

Moisten the whole lip with lip gloss, and use the concealer to eliminate the sense of lip. Then apply lip gloss to the center of your lips. Jelly gloss pk3 1365 yen / ettusais to achieve the lip gloss of moisturizing and glossy lips.

How to draw Japanese three-dimensional small face makeup? Detailed explanation of Japanese deep eye makeup painting method. women's make-up recommends small face Japanese make-up to you, come to learn!