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The retired man cut the hair for the patient for 32 years, and illuminated others with kindness

Original title: retired doctors in hospitals cut hair for patients for free for 32 years and take 4-hour bus back and forth

Hello, is this the health bureau? I want to praise someone

'I want to praise Bao Guobao, a retired employee of Yuhang No.3 hospital. He has given us free haircuts for a long time.. '

Uncle Shao, 81, is a patient in the Department of Gastroenterology in Pingyao district (Yuhang Third Hospital) of Hangzhou first hospital group. On the phone, uncle Shao spoke sincerely and repeatedly thanks a person. This person is Bao Guobao, 74 years old, a retired employee of Yuhang third hospital.

Bao Guobao, known as master Bao by people familiar with him, has a free haircut in the inpatient department every Saturday. There are many praise calls like Mr. Shao every month. What is unknown is that master Bao has insisted on free haircut for 32 years.

Take a 4-hour bus back and forth

Free haircut for patients

In 1987, before he retired, master Bao went to work during the day. After work, he had a free haircut in Pingyao town for 32 years.

After retiring, master Bao moved to Jianggan District with his daughters. Nevertheless, every Friday afternoon, he still took a bus to Pingyao for more than two hours, just to give patients a free haircut on Saturday.

When he asked master Bao what made him stick to the same principle for so many years, master Bao said calmly: "barbers usually don't come to the hospital, and it's inconvenient for patients to go out. It's just that I'll come to help when I shave.". His insipid tone makes people feel that it is a common thing for him to persist for 32 years.

Master Bao has always been a warm-hearted person. In 1994, master Bao learned from the newspaper that there was a hope project for donating children to study. He sent 400 yuan to Zhejiang youth talent foundation, contacted Jin, a sophomore in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province, and formed a pair of students. Master Bao laughs that he who has two daughters has another 'third daughter'. In 1995, master Bao met the fourth 'daughter' of Daishan primary school student Ye. Her family was a fisherman. Her father died in a shipwreck, and no one made money for her to study. Master Bao donated money to help her go to school. In 1997, master Bao met his fifth daughter in a primary school in Taishun County, Zhejiang Province.

'I helped them until they graduated from junior high school, and now they are all working. Master Bao said, "these children are very good and often write to me. Now, their letters and photos are still kept at home. "Under the influence of his father, his youngest daughter, Bao Dan, saved money from her living expenses every month when she was in school to help Wenzhou's out of school children return to school.

Anonymous donation for seawall construction

The story of master Bao was published in Zhejiang Daily

In 1998, in support of the construction of Zhejiang seawall destroyed by typhoon, master Bao squeezed 300 yuan out of his meager salary and made an anonymous donation.

At that time, Zhejiang Daily went to Pingyao post and telecommunications office to find anonymous donors and made a special report on master Bao.

The story of master Bao inspired many people. At that time, a provincial leader personally wrote a commentator's article "300 yuan to see the truth", which was published on the front page of Zhejiang Daily on April 21, 1998, calling on everyone to learn.

In 2000, Hangzhou launched the "spring breeze action", and master Bao was the first individual donor. Every year, he donates money to "spring breeze", and every donation is 20 years. In the past 20 years, master Bao had nephritis, and his family's economy was once tense, but his love action never stopped.

A kindness may be simple, but consistent kindness and persistence are rare. Master Bao's insistence makes a little bit of kindness into a great love. He is like a warm candle, burning, burning, illuminating the way of others.