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To protect the safety of all families, he rushed down the sixth floor with a gas tank blowing fire

Original title: he rushed down the sixth floor with a gas can to make others safer

On August 25, Guo Mengyu, a fireman in Jiaxing, experienced a thrilling rush to eliminate danger. After the danger was relieved, he sat on the ground, gasping for breath and laughing happily: "if this gas tank explodes, the residents upstairs will be in danger. Now we can finally breathe a sigh of relief. '

Yesterday evening, Jiaxing Economic Development Zone Fire Jiabei squadron received the alarm, a residential sixth floor kitchen fire, the scene has gas tank. Firefighters arrived at the scene and found that the gas tank was spewing flames violently, which was very likely to explode. At the critical moment, Guo Mengyu wet his battle suit with a water gun, picked up the gas tank and rushed downstairs. He moved the gas tank to a place far away from the residents, and then his comrades in arms handled it properly. The whole dangerous situation disposal process is completed at one go.

Why not put out the fire on the sixth floor first, and then move the gas tank downstairs? "The main reason is that the gas tank was in danger of explosion at that time, and many residents lived downstairs. In order to reduce the danger to the minimum as soon as possible, we must make sure that the gas tank is temporarily safe, and the firemen quickly transfer it to the outside for treatment. Afterwards, the fire department answered some questions from netizens.

According to a preliminary investigation, the cause of the fire was that a household did not tighten the sealing valve when using gas, resulting in the spread of open fire burning with gas during cooking. To this end, the fire department reminds the masses, must pay attention to the safety of gas, gas tank fire, must not immediately close the valve or use cold water to extinguish, so as not to cause an explosion. The correct way is to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, put a wet towel on your hand, and then turn off the valve. In the process, you should also prevent burns or scalds. If the fire is out of control, inform the people around to move to a safe area and wait for the firefighters to put out the fire.