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The teacher held up the boy who fell into the sea and killed thousands of people

Original title: the teacher held up the boy who fell into the sea and died. Brother: he can't swim, but he is eager to save people

On July 30, hundreds of people came to Chuji village, Zhenglu Town, Shanghe county to send their hero, Lun Xuedong, who gave his life to save the drowning children. Mr. Lun, have a good trip!

The boy fell into the water by accident

35 year old teacher uses his life to complete the lift

Just after a heavy rain, the morning of July 30 in Chuji village was foggy, which added a sense of solemnity and sadness. Around 5:30 in the morning, on both sides of the road to the village, people hold banners with the words of "do what you have done for a just cause, save the drowning children bravely, you will always live in our hearts" to welcome their hero Lun Xuedong home.

On July 27, 2019, on a boat in Yantai golden beach park scenic spot, an 11 year old boy accidentally fell into the sea. Lun Xuedong, who took his 8-year-old son on a group tour, saw this scene and jumped into the sea without hesitation. He tried his best to lift the boy. In the end, the boy was successfully rescued on shore, but Lun Xuedong sank into the water because of exhaustion.

Lun Xuedong's younger brother, Lun Xueliang, told reporters that Lun Xuedong took his son to Yantai for a group tour around 5 am on July 27 and arrived in Yantai in the afternoon. According to the witness, when Lun Xuedong was on a yacht at sea, an unknown child on the same boat accidentally fell into the water. After he found out, he jumped into the sea for rescue.

But because the boy is more robust, and Lun Xuedong is not tall, he can not save the boy from the boat. To prevent the boy from choking on the water, Lun Xuedong tried his best to hold the child on the water with his own body until the local rescue workers arrived and the child was rescued, but he sank into the water because of lack of strength.

Lun Xueliang said that at about 4 p.m. on the 27th, the guide called his wife and said that the situation of Lun Xuedong was not optimistic, and his family began to organize a trip to Yantai. On the way, the hospital said that Lun Xuedong might not be able to be rescued. At about 8 o'clock, it announced that Lun Xuedong was dead!

29 passengers jointly petitioned

Thousands of people self sending lines

According to Zhu Luo, headmaster of Chuji primary school in Zhenglu Town, Shanghe County, where Lun Xuedong lived, after the incident, all the tourists who witnessed the scene were moved by his heroic deeds of sacrificing themselves to save others. The 29 guests who participated in the Yantai trip with Lun Xuedong wrote petitions one after another to pay homage to Lun Xuedong, hoping to give an account to his family, hoping that the hero would be treated well and the hero would be a hero You can get publicity.

Finally, the family agreed to take Lun Xuedong's body back to his hometown in the early morning of July 30. The reporter arrived at Chuji village, Zhenglu Town, Shanghe county at about 5:30 a.m. on the 30th. At this time, many people began to queue up on the way to the village.

'I heard yesterday that Mr. Lun came home today and arrived at four o'clock to see him off for the last ride. 'while she was talking, Ms. Zhang's son, Tong Tong (a pseudonym), was already sobbing. Tongtong still can't accept the news of the teacher's death. She asks her mother that it's not true!

Ms. Zhang said that the news of 29 Lun's death appeared in the parents of class 2, grade 3. Many parents expressed disbelief one after another, and some even tried to call Lun Xuedong. From the news, Tong Tong cried at home, and Ms. Zhang almost stayed up all night. How can such a good person leave? Ms. Zhang said that after learning the news, the parents of the class spontaneously came with their children.

In addition to the parents of the students, Lun Xuedong's colleagues, nearby villagers and citizens from all over Shanghe are all here! There are more and more people, and more than 1000 people are waiting for his return. At about 6:10, the vehicle carrying Lun Xuedong's body came slowly from the south of the village. Many people in the crowd yelled 'welcome Mr. Lun home. "The crowd followed the car and walked into Lun Xuedong's home to see him off for the last time.

According to local customs, at 8 am, Chen Dongxue's body was sent to Shanghe funeral home for cremation!

Saving people comes from instinct

I was still working three days before the holiday

Along with his high school classmates (Grade 2000 of Shanghe No.2 Middle School), they organized more than 30 people to come to Mr. Darren's home at 5 a.m. to help deal with the future affairs. Among them, many students came from other places overnight. Mr. Bi, who came back from Dongying overnight, said that when Lun Xuedong went to school, he was ready to help others and actively helped his classmates. 'according to my understanding of him, if I let him choose again, he will certainly save the drowning child! Saving people is his instinctive reaction. '

It's sad that before the holiday, when Lun Xuedong held the summer safety parents' meeting for the class, he also emphasized the precautions to prevent the child from drowning during the holiday. Who would have thought that he lost his life just a few weeks later because of saving the drowning child!

Lun Xuedong's colleague, Wang Chenghai, director of Chuji primary school, came to Lun Xuedong's home from less than five o'clock on the morning of the 30th and stayed there to help him. Before, he was always busy for the students and the school. Today, it's our turn to do something for him. '

Wang Chenghai said that as the deputy director of the school's Academic Affairs Office, Lun Xuedong Lun is actively responsible for his work. Before going out to play, he had been working overtime in school and spent more than ten days to complete the declaration work of school safety platform. 'three days before the accident, he was still working, and his holiday had just begun. Who could have thought that would happen. '

'Mr. Lun's family is our family. Next, we will try our best to help Mr. Lun's family through the difficulties. "Chu Ji primary school principal Zhu Luo said. It is understood that after learning about teacher Lun Xuedong's deeds, Shanghe county's education system took the lead in organizing donations. Next, Shanghe County Education and Sports Bureau will send consolation money to Mr. Lun's family, and call on teachers in the whole system to learn from Mr. Lun Xuedong.

In addition, on the morning of the 30th, the relevant person in charge of the people's Government of Zhenglu Town, Shanghe County, where Lun Xuedong is located, expressed sympathy to his family members and sent them money, saying that he would do his best to help the family in the future.

The rescued child is in good condition

Family members come to lunxuedong's home to express their thanks

At 5:00 p.m. on the 30th, under the gaze of hundreds of people in the village, the father and grandfather of the rescued child, together with a group of four people, came to the home of teacher Lun Xuedong with the banner of "acting bravely for a just cause and promoting healthy spirit" and the condolence money. As soon as he entered the main hall, his grandfather and his father hugged and wept. 'you must take care of your health. You have trained a good son. Shanghe has trained a good man and saved my grandson's life. 'said the child's grandfather, Mr. Sun.

Lun Xuedong's father was already in tears, and his mother was crying speechless on the sofa. Two sixty year olds held their heads and cried for three minutes before they sat down. Hands are always held together.

Near seven o'clock, Mr. Sun's family came to the door of lunxuedong's desk and bowed three times to the portrait of lunxuedong. After bowing, Mr. Sun also saluted. Due to time constraints, Mr. Sun did not stay too much.

Before getting on the bus, the child's father was interviewed by Qilu one point, Qilu Evening News. He told reporters that thanks to Mr. Lun for coming forward when the children were in danger, he also saved the lives of the sun family. 'before I came here, I went to Huimin County to pick up my father. My family came to thank the family for their help. Thanks to Mr. Lun Xuedong, a good child, Shanghe county has trained a good teacher. '

Speaking of the children's situation, Mr. Sun told reporters that the children's current situation is relatively stable and their mood is much better. Thank you for everyone's concern.

'he is the pride of our family,

It's the hero of our family. '

'it's a pity that he is so young and the child is so young. Talking about Lun Xuedong, the villager Mr. Wang couldn't help but shed tears. He watched Lun Xuedong grow up. He was kind-hearted and helpful since he was a child. He got along well with his neighbors in the village. There's a matter in whose family. They have money to pay for it, and they have to work hard. Their family style is good, their parents are farmers, and they have trained several college students. The whole family is very kind. 'Mr. Wang said.

After learning of Lun Xuedong's death, people from the village went home one after another. Many even took the train for more than 10 hours and arrived at two or three o'clock on the 30th. 'Xuedong is a good man. Come back and see him off. 'the villagers sighed.

Lun Xuedong, 35, has two elder sisters, one younger sister and one younger brother. He is the backbone of the family. My home is in Jinan. Every time I come back, I go to my elder brother's home first. He helps us arrange everything. "Lun Xuedong's brother-in-law said!

"Up to now, I still feel like a dream! Lun Xuedong's younger brother, Lun Xueliang, still can't accept the news of his brother's death. He told reporters that during this period, due to the fact that his father could not accept the death of Lun Xuedong, he was admitted to hospital in an emergency. My mother is in poor health. We kept it a secret until last night when we had to tell her that the old man couldn't accept it. My nephew is less than 10 years old, my niece is less than 3 years old, poor two children. "Lun Xueliang's eyes were already red when he spoke.

"He is the pride and hero of our family. Next, we will make concerted efforts to take good care of our parents, sister-in-law and two children, so that he can go safely," he said.