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Save people as instinct Yichang disabled brother flying to stop out of control vehicles

Original title: Disabled brother flew to stop the out of control vehicle with two children among the four people on board

Hu Wengang, a taxi driver in Xingshan County, Yichang, Hubei Province, was waiting for the traffic light at the intersection on July 20 when he heard someone calling from the rear and found a car with the rear door open out of control and rushing down the slope. Hu Wengang tried hard to catch up with the car and pulled on the car before it hit the green belt.

On the morning of July 21, Hu Wengang told surging news that fortunately, the car stopped in time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. Police of Xingshan County Public Security Bureau told surging news that they were applying for a just cause for Hu Wengang.

Hu Wengang said that he stopped at the intersection of the traffic lights and waited for the red light. He found the rear of the car calling for help and saw that there was no driver in the car. He rushed over from his right side because it was downhill and out of control. The car was relatively fast. "At that time, without thinking about anything, he went down to chase the car. It was about 30 meters, but fortunately, there were no casualties. '

Hu Wengang had a hard time chasing after him. Local officials told the surging news that he had a grade 4 leg disability and was still a poor family.

Hu Wengang said that when he ran, his shoes also ran away. "I didn't feel it when I ran. When I went back, I felt the ground was extremely hot. '

'at that time, it was still difficult for me to catch up with the car. After I closed the back door, I got on the front door and stepped on the foot brake. If I didn't catch up, I would hit the green belt. "Hu Wengang said.

From the scene video, Hu Wengang is chasing out of control vehicles, a van ran the red light ready to rush up. Liu Feng, the driver of the van, said that if Hu Wengang didn't catch up, he was going to lose control of his car and don't stop.

The police of Xingshan County Public Security Bureau told Hai Yan that the driver stopped the car at the side of the road, the co driver in the car was sitting on the driver's wife, and his mother and two children were sitting in the back row. The car owner was going to find a relative to get something. Unexpectedly, the car slid down, probably because the car condition was not very good. According to the owner, it was the handbrake that was pulled, or it was the children who pressed the handbrake that caused the car to move forward Slide.

To Haiyan, there was also a van trying to stop his car in front of the car. Fortunately, his brother Hu Wengang stopped the car in time. She told Haiyan that she was applying for a just cause for Hu Wengang. Hu Wengang had a disability of grade 4 and was a poor family.