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Donating tens of millions of dollars to education for strangers

Original title: donating tens of millions to education

When saw Ma Xu, she was walking out of the dance classroom with the help of her wife Yan Xueyong -- this is Wuhan Huangpi District University for the aged. They take the bus to study every week.

It's hard to connect this skinny old lady in camouflage uniform with the valiant 'Mulan in the air' without someone else's introduction.

There are two low bungalows with rape and lettuce planted in the small courtyard. A bed and several pieces of furniture are barely put down in the bedroom, and the books on the wall occupy the narrow space. This is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ma Xu.

In September 2018, at a bank outlet in Wuhan, Mr. and Mrs. Ma Xu proposed to transfer 3 million yuan to the staff. As a result, they startled the police and thought that the old man had encountered a telecommunication fraud. After verification, it was learned that Ma Xu would donate 10 million yuan of his life savings to his hometown for education, which was the first donation in batches.

Only by better education can children change their fate. 'ma Xu said calmly.

Ma Xu has a special identity -- the first generation of female airborne soldiers in New China. In 1947, at the age of 14, Ma Xu was admitted to the Northeast military and Political University, and studied in China Medical University, Harbin Medical University and other schools. In 1958, Ma Xu joined the medical bandage Department of the health camp of an infantry division.

In 1961, the Central Military Commission decided to set up airborne troops, and Ma Xu was ordered to be responsible for the medical support of parachute training. She told the organization that she hoped to participate in parachute training with the soldiers. However, due to her small size and light weight, she was far from meeting the requirements of the training program, so her request was not approved.

Ma Xu didn't give up. She sneaks to the training ground at night to practice parachuting by herself, hundreds of times a day.

Six months later, in the ground movement examination, Ma Xu jumped three times in a row, the movement standard was sharp. Since then, Ma Xu officially participated in parachute training with the soldiers. Over the past 20 years, Ma Xu's parachute jumping has spread all over the country.

In order to help parachutists avoid sprains during landing, she and her husband, who is also a military doctor, read a lot of materials and combined with their own parachute jumping practice, invented the "inflatable ankle protection", which won the national invention patent. Later, they developed the altitude parachute 'oxygen vest' together, which solved the problem of oxygen deficiency of parachute parachutes.

Now, Ma Xu is an old man and hopes to do something for his hometown. In March 2018, she decided to donate all the 10 million yuan she had accumulated through scientific research and patent transfer to Mulan County, Heilongjiang Province, for the development of education and public welfare. In February 2019, Ma Xu was elected as the person of the year moving China in 2018.

Ma Xu and his wife's room walls, cabinets, tables, covered with a variety of handwritten bilingual small pieces of paper, now she is still learning. 'I feel that I have never retired. I always feel that I don't have enough time. '86 year old ma Xu said.