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Cleaning and picking up 800000 worth of property: hope to return it to its original owner

Original title: sister cleaner will be rewarded for picking up 800000 worth of property and handing it over to the property management company on May 23, a cleaning lady in Chongqing picked up 30 hundred dollar bills and two famous watches, worth about 800000 yuan, while sweeping the street. On the 17th, the property owner of the cleaning elder sister told Beijing Youth Daily that the owner had come to claim the property after media reports and was still in the process of identity verification. The property owner will give rewards to the cleaning staff according to the company's regulations.

On May 23, a cleaning elder sister of Chongqing Yugao property found a small white bag on the way to clean the street. The cleaning lady quickly handed the bag to her property company. After checking, there were 30 US dollar bills with a face value of 100 yuan in the bag, and two famous watches with a price of more than 600000 yuan and 100000 yuan respectively. The value of the property in the bag was as high as 800000 yuan. After police verification, it was found that the owner did not report to the police, and the police did not find the owner because the lost place was a blind surveillance area.

Yugao property staff told Beijing Youth Daily that because the owner could not be found, the property owner had contacted the local media to help find the owner. In order to verify the identity, the staff did not disclose the other two small items in the bag. On the morning of the 17th, a person who claimed to be the owner of the lost watch came to claim it after seeing the news report. However, because he could not remember the two small items in the bag, the property owner was still unable to verify his identity and needed to provide a certificate for purchasing the watch before he could claim the lost items.