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The picture of helping students warm their hearts in the senior high school entrance examination was

Original title: two candidates of physical education examination actively help their classmates to get the priority of admission

In recent years, the physical examination of senior high school entrance examination in China has become an important part of the indicators for further study. With the fierce competition in senior high school entrance examination, the results of physical examination become very important. It would be a pity if I fell down at the scene of the exam. Recently, in the women's 800 meter race for the 2018 Chengdu high school entrance examination in a middle school in Chengdu, two students found a classmate fell on the track and stopped to help her up. Finally, the three ran across the finish line together.

On the day of the disintegration test, more than ten candidates stood on the track of bagen road. According to the test rules, they had to run a section on the designated track. When they entered the curve, they had to grab the inner road. So at that time, they suddenly became very crowded. In order to avoid tripping over the previous student's leg, the student slowed down a little and fell.

When the student fell down and wanted to get up, a classmate happened to be beside her and stopped to pull her. When the student got up and fell down again, he stopped again and ran to her. At the same time, a student who was about 5 meters ahead also turned and ran back. They picked up the fallen students and ran to the end together.

It is understood that the total score of the senior high school physical examination is 50 points, which is divided into three items, among which the girls' 800m running has 15 points. This short moment, moved the presence of teachers and students, but also quickly spread in the parents of students. Some parents said that after the physical examination, one of the students helped up his classmates and carried them to the hospital.

After learning about this, the school also made a response. The school has always attached great importance to moral education. If two students' physical examination results are affected because of helping their classmates, the school will consider giving priority to them in the number of students in the direct high school under the same conditions.