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Luoyang loyal yellow dog pushes disabled owner to set up stall

The story of "loyal dog" is very moving. A dog can wait for the old man to come home by the side of the road. Are you full of tears when the movie is over? Now this kind of warm story is also on show in reality, which makes people cry. Sometimes a dog can also make people move you. I hope you will be warm this winter! Sihai Xiaobian will bring you here Look at this magical rhubarb dog. Sometimes, for dogs, they don't discriminate against people because of their superiority and inferiority. It's much better than some snobbish people!

On December 25, in Luoyang, Henan Province, Lao Ma, a shoemaker, was paralyzed. He traveled about one kilometer from his home to the shoemaking stall. In order to walk, he used the wheels of a shelf car as a means of transportation to go back and forth between the shoemaking stall and his home. It took him more than an hour. A rhubarb dog is inseparable from the owner of the old horse who moves the shelf with one hand when going uphill. This scene takes place at the gate of a factory in Yangwen office, Chanhe District, Luoyang City, Henan Province.

The neighbors say that Lao Ma's dog is human, and many people know about it. It will not only show the stalls to the old horse, but also warm the old horse's feet when it is cold. The old horse "walks" on wheels. It's very hard to go uphill. It pushes the old horse hard behind his back with its front paws to help him. The neighborhood can see the scene of rhubarb dog pushing the old horse hard almost every day.

At noon on the day of the interview, I saw the meal, but the rhubarb dog disappeared. As soon as the reporter asked, he found out that Lao Ma's life was relatively tight. There were only two kinds of lunch - baked steamed bread or biscuits bought in the nearby supermarket. It was the same all year round, so there was no extra food for Dahuang dog. Rhubarb dog is also very sensible. As soon as the meal arrives, he goes out to find food by himself. Lao Ma said that people in nearby restaurants all know him. Once he's gone, if people have leftovers, they will feed him, and he won't give them any trouble. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, rhubarb dog came back. The old horse said that he had already eaten. The story of such a loyal dog Bagong is actually in life. Such a loyal human partner really makes people feel warm!