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79 year old man feeds his wife mouth to mouth for 11 years

Ask what love is in the world, and teach people to live and die together. Maybe for young people, love in the fast food era always makes people feel more passionate. But I don't know that only by holding hands and helping each other, can we have a long memory. The 79 year old man in Zhuozhou has been feeding the old man mouth to mouth for 11 years. Does this simple love really move you?

on December 1, Zhang Changshan, a 79 year old man in Zhuozhou, and his wife Zhang Shuxian spent most of their lives together. In 2003, Zhang Shuxian suffered from cerebral thrombosis and general paralysis, and doctors asserted that she could only live for one month. Stubborn Zhang Changshan took his wife home. He studied Chinese massage techniques hard. He massaged his wife every day and fed her mouth to mouth every meal. In this way, Zhang Changshan persisted for 11 years.

After this year, Zhang Changshan will be 80 years old. In order to keep himself healthy and take better care of his wife, he goes out for exercise every day. 'if I'm not in the house, she's looking for me. 'Zhang Changshan said that although his wife can't speak, she can snort after a while. That's looking for him. Now, Zhang Changshan still insists on self-study of traditional Chinese medicine. "He is getting older every day. After learning it, he has to memorize it again and again. Only in three days can he remember one thing. '