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Wuhan female college students quit school and sell sweet potatoes to raise money for their younger b

The 21-year-old should have enjoyed her beautiful youth in the university campus. However, for the 21-year-old Zhou Xiaofang, she has to shoulder the burden of her family. Because her younger brother is suffering from leukemia, she has to quit school and sell sweet potatoes to raise money for her younger brother's treatment. We may all see such a good elder sister in our life. Praise her elder sister for her commitment. She is so loving and responsible Ren Xin, the heart of pure talent is the most beautiful school flower, than those who are so-called beauty school flower do not know how many times better!

Zhou Xiaofang, 21, is a junior at Wuhan Institute of bioengineering. On July 29 this year, Zhou Xiaofang's younger brother Zhou Fangzheng was admitted to Huangzhou No.1 Middle School in Hubei Province. On that day, he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in Huangzhou central hospital. On August 4, Zhou Fangzheng went to Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital to see a doctor, and soon found a successful bone marrow matching, but the treatment cost of nearly one million became the biggest problem for the Zhou family. 'I always feel that God is still taking care of us. My brother's bone marrow matching was found very quickly and very successful. 'Zhou Xiaofang firmly believes that his younger brother will be well.

Because of his father's weakness and illness, he never worked; his mother had to quit his job in Guangdong to take care of his younger brother. After his younger brother's illness, the financial burden of the family fell on Zhou Xiaofang. In Wuhan Institute of bioengineering, she chose to leave school to shoulder the burden of home. In order to save the cost of hospitalization, the mother and daughter send their younger brother for treatment every morning, sell sweet potatoes at Jingwu Henglu vegetable market in the afternoon, and take their younger brother home to rest in the evening. Zhou Xiaofang said that there are many kind-hearted people who buy vegetables. There are many people who only take two sweet potatoes for 10 yuan. "Sometimes, I force them to take a small one. "Give someone a rose and leave a lingering fragrance in your hand, so for those who have love, you may as well donate some money to help others and pass on a love!