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One armed old man has no regrets in collecting garbage for 44 years

44 years old man with one arm stick to this vast land, perhaps this life will be here, but no regrets. In the past 44 years, the only reason why people insist on picking up garbage is to keep the water clear. Such a small matter seems relatively simple, but few people can do it!

the dawn is dewy, and the Danjiang River is vast. In Taocha village, jiuzhong Town, Xichuan County, at the dike of Taocha canal head, a thin, dark one armed old man walks on the dike. Whenever he saw the rubbish, he would bow down and pick it up with tongs.

His name is Li Jinqun. His home is now a long canal. When you go to Qingshui in the north, you can see his love for his hometown and his pride as a headman.

No one asked, no salary. In 44 years, people went out to work and went back to their hometown for construction. He was the only one who was always here: a bucket, a shovel and a dog. He bent down, got up and bent down again. He did not allow garbage to be seen on the canal bank. He even worried that the garbage would float back when it was taken away. So he stepped on it, burned it and buried the ashes in the soil. Over time, he became a part of the canal head like him.

Whenever the sun goes down, the empty right arm always makes his back look solemn and stirring.

44 years ago, when the old canal head dam was built, Li Jinqun left his arm here: he pulled soil from the bottom of the canal to the slope, and his right arm was broken by wire ropes.

How much pain on the body, to this canal, how much love. He knew that this life, here, can't leave any more. It is enough to protect this reservoir of clean water.

No one asked for him, and he didn't get paid. The village gave him a subsistence allowance, and said, "a few hundred yuan is enough. Drink a little wine, smoke a cigarette, satisfy. '

He was really satisfied and took us to see the new house he was assigned because of the relocation. "There is no such good house in Henan. It's more than 300 square meters. All the household appliances and furniture are free, and I'll build one by three kids!" his implication is that I don't have to protect the water in vain. In my life, I'm worth it!

He has no culture, no insight, no reason to recognize, nine cows can not pull back. In his eyes, the end of this clear water bay is the capital Beijing. Clean water, happy heart, do not lose the face of Henan people.

Butterflies flapping their wings, leading to a storm, no matter how great things are, they can not do without small things.

In 44 years, no matter how trivial things are, they have become extraordinary persistence.

For the old man Li Jinqun, to do only one thing in his life is peace of mind and happiness.