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The warmest dialogue between grandparents and grandchildren tears in smile

Recently, a group of creative pictures called "the most warm dialogue between grandparents and grandchildren" have become popular on the Internet. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn't stop, and the son wants to be raised but the parents are not there, which may be the biggest sorrow of many young people. Similarly, for those grandparents who watched us grow up, their feelings are deep. Therefore, this group of pictures will be spread on the Internet. Because many people's tears have been punctured all of a sudden, they can go home more to accompany their relatives if they have time!

This group of 9 pictures shows the warm and loving dialogue between grandma and grandson, and the last picture of grandson in and grandma not in pokes the netizens' tears.

Comments from netizens

@Wang Luodan: those words that haven't been spoken out will always stay in the air, no one will receive them, no one will claim them & hellip; & hellip; I miss you!

@Drizzle_ Sister Da: the tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn't stop, the son wants to raise but the parents are not there, filial piety can't wait!

@Lervon-h: in my second year of junior high school,

My grandmother passed away at two in the morning. I cry in the quilt. In my third year of junior high school, my grandmother died, and I cried in the self-study class. In my sophomore year, my grandfather died, and I cried in the dormitory.

@Don't let those I love you 'become' goodbye 'just to say it.

@The happiness and misfortune of Duet: grandma said that she would make a quilt for me when I get married, while grandfather said that she would drink a bottle of daughter red when I get married. Today, heaven and earth throw red beans & hellip; & hellip;

@Huang GeChang: maybe the childhood memories of left behind children like me are the time when they lived together with their grandparents. Every detail and every move in their life are deeply imprinted in their hearts. When I was a child, my family was poor and even couldn't bear to eat eggs. Once, when my grandfather came back from farm work, he didn't know where to get a bar of spareribs or washed pork It's all for nothing, but my grandfather can't bear to eat, and he has to leave it to me.