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The 6-year-old girl in Huazhong Normal University was praised for her cute and sensible dishes

A 6-year-old girl in the ordinary people's impression, may only nestle in the arms of her parents, but a 6-year-old girl from central China Normal University took the initiative to help her family clean up the dishes and chopsticks and won great praise from netizens! For such a sensible little girl, maybe the quality is much better than some college students!

The 6-year-old girl in the picture is the daughter of the boss of a window selling fried goose rice in the canteen of the college. As long as her father is busy, the little girl will come out to help clean up her own dishes. There are several cleaners in the canteen of the school, who are responsible for cleaning up the dishes and washing dishes, but they are not busy at the peak of the meal, so the little girl will come out to help.

The picture caused heated discussion among the students. Many college students feel ashamed that they have not consciously cleaned up the tableware, and appeal to take the initiative to clean up the tableware and facilitate others.