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The most beautiful journalist in the world: husband and wife have been together for 34 years

In the 34 years of marriage, hugging has become an indispensable part of life. Maybe most people think that the love between the two sides is more unforgettable, but the decades of mutual help and holding hands make your heart moved. You might as well walk into their emotional world, even if people have left, but this feeling still exists!

he was 17, she was 6, and they became neighbors

He was 24, she was 13, and they became teachers and students

He was 34, she was 23, and they became husband and wife

In 34 years of marriage, they hugged every day

This is an ordinary love story spanning half a century. His name is Tao Jifu and her name is Jian Zongrong. They are 11 years apart. For them, the happiest thing is to give each other a hug every day.

Yesterday, the reporter came to the 5th floor of a building in Rongqiao Peninsula, Fenglin Road, Nan'an District. 15 days before the anniversary of Tao Jifu, Jian Zongrong, 58, gave her husband a hug in her own way.

He was 17 and she was 6

Jian Zongrong is a native of Qingmuguan Town, Shapingba District. When she was a child, her parents died, and her brothers and sisters worked in other places. She had been boarding in a neighbor's house. In 1962, when Jian Zongrong was 6 years old, her family rented the empty house to a family named Tao from Ba County (now Banan District). She met Tao Jifu, a 17-year-old son of the Taos.

'when I was in junior high school, he was my math teacher. Like my big brother, he took good care of me. "Jian Zongrong recalled that after graduating from junior high school in 1972, their relationship became closer and closer.

'I don't know when he began to like me. I once asked him and he said I was lovely and kind. "With a sweet smile, Jian Zongrong handed a yellow envelope to the reporter of Chongqing Evening News. There were six postcards in it, each with a doggerel behind it. This was the first gift Tao Jifu gave her when she was 17 years old in 1973.

'I feel that he likes me a little bit. I'm very sorry. I dare not go out the next day after receiving the gift. "Jian Zongrong said that perhaps because of the age difference, Tao Jifu has not confessed, but only takes care of and waits for himself in his own way.

'we are all brothers and sisters. In his eyes, I am a little sister. "When she was 20 years old, they established a love relationship. Three years later, they entered the marriage hall. He was 34 years old and she was 23 years old.

34 years of marriage embrace every day

The drawer under the dresser in Jian Zongrong's bedroom is filled with a Book of albums with nearly 100 pictures of her and her husband. Or embrace, or hand in hand, or back-to-back, each photo, two people are happy and sweet smile.

'I guess it's because I'm small. I stick to him very much and like to hold him. You see, every picture is basically holding him. "Jian Zongrong said that when her husband went to work after marriage, she would give him a hug, which became an indispensable part of their life over time.

'the love between their husband and wife is very pure, which many young people can't do now. Ms. Cheng, a good friend for many years, told the reporter that she and Ms. Jian had known each other for more than ten years. "I once went to their home to play after work. Mr. Tao gave her slippers at the first time, and then gave her a hug. All of them were in their forties, and their feelings were so strong and touching. '

One day in 1983, Jian Zongrong and her husband had a conflict. On that day, they had a cold war and ignored each other. The 4-year-old son saw that his parents were different. He even took the couple's hands and joined them together. "Ji Fu Ge was stunned and gave me a hug. '

Jian Zongrong said with a smile that because of this hug, all their contradictions were resolved. Later, when they encounter conflicts, they do not need to apologize, do not need too much language, just a hug will make up.

'My father and mother often give each other a hug, and sometimes my father is shy in front of me. 'their 35 year old son, Mr. Tao, said with a smile that his parents had been feeling good for more than 30 years. 'They are sweet and sometimes enviable. "Mr. Tao said that he learned a lot from his parents, and now he and his wife have always been very sweet," but I don't like them to hug every day. It's too sour, ha ha. '

The husband left in her arms

In 2009, their daughter-in-law gave birth to twins. Tao Jifu and his wife moved to Nanping from Chenjiaqiao. On April 15 last year, the couple moved into their new home in Rongqiao peninsula. 'he had not enjoyed such a good house, so he left. "Jian Zongrong stroked the leather sofa and said that every piece of furniture in the house was chosen by her husband with her. Unfortunately, Tao Jifu left her before the new home was finished.

In 2011, Tao Jifu's examination found that the whole body's blood cells were decreasing. Later, in a tertiary hospital, he was found to have myelodysplastic syndrome. In May last year, he lived in his new home for a short time, and he had to be hospitalized for treatment.

On the evening of September 26 last year, Tao Jifu's condition suddenly deteriorated. 'in the afternoon, he said he wanted to have a dry meal, and I gave him a wash. "Jian Zongrong closed his lips and tried to hold back his tears." he couldn't do it that night. He couldn't say anything. I held his hand all the time. '

In the early morning of the 27th, Jian Zongrong tried to hold back her tears. She looked at her husband with a smile, clasped him in her hands, put her head in his ear and said, "Ji Fu Ge, it's OK, strong. After just seven words, Tao Jifu, surrounded by his family, slowly closed his eyes. Jian Zongrong could no longer contain her grief. She was helped out of the ward by her daughter-in-law and squatted in the corridor and cried bitterly.

'he is the happiest thing in my life'

'a year, a few months after he left, I didn't dare to go home. "Jian Zongrong sighed." I always felt that as soon as I opened the door, I would see him put down his brush in his hand and say, "is he back? Come forward and give me a hug. '

'he walked so suddenly that he didn't leave a word, except a diary. In his black leather notebook, Tao Jifu recorded his diary during his illness from June 6 to August 26, 2013. On June 15, he wrote in his diary: "yesterday, the sixth day of may in the old calendar was Xiaorong's 57th birthday. My daughter-in-law gave her a set of cosmetics, but I didn't express any feelings. I feel sorry for her in my life, and I can only be grateful to her. It was not until Tao Jifu died that Jian Zongrong read this passage from his diary.

In fact, he doesn't owe me anything. He is the happiest thing in his life. "Jian Zongrong said that a few months before her husband left, she missed his embrace all the time, and now she slowly walked out of her grief." he didn't want to see me suffer. Now I've applied to the University for the elderly and started to dance dam dance. I'll live more wonderfully and help him write down his diary. '

'last year we were with mom, and now she's a little better. Their son, Mr. Tao, said that now they also encourage their mothers to go out more.

There are 15 days left for Tao Jifu's anniversary. Yesterday, Jian Zongrong held the wedding photos taken by the couple several years ago in her arms. After nearly a year, she gave her husband a new hug.