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The most beautiful news person in the world: 15-year-old girl takes her grandmother to school, her g

Filial piety is the most outstanding part of the Chinese nation that has been inherited for thousands of years. For Xia Qianqian, a 15-year-old junior high school student, she has become a model for many adults! Because the mother ran away from home, father died early, had to take grandma to school, such a good character is worth learning!

'it doesn't matter whether the house is good or not, as long as there is a grandmother, because the grandmother is at home'. In the face of the heavy learning task of the third day of junior high school, Xia Qianqian, 15, will answer people this way whenever she is suggested to send her 87 year old grandmother to a township nursing home. On the morning of May 31, in two houses less than 30 square meters beside Yugou town middle school in Huaiyin District, Huai'an City, Xia Qianqian, who was sorting out the opening books, told the Yangtze Evening News that for more than 10 years, she had been living with her grandmother. As long as her grandmother was alive, she would take her grandmother with her: she had been taking her grandmother to school from the third grade of primary school in the town. The reporter of Yangzi Evening News learned that the family she talked about was actually two old staff dormitories less than 30 square meters coordinated by the local township government from an abandoned factory. Because of her filial piety, she won the honorary title of "100 virtue teenagers" in Jiangsu Province in the second term. This year, she became a candidate of "looking for the most beautiful filial youth" in a large-scale public welfare activity launched by CCTV.

Mother ran away from home and father died of illness

In the third grade of primary school, she had to take her grandmother to school

There is no new bag, no new clothes and shoes. Xia Qianqian arranges her things carefully and quickly. The reporter noticed that the air of her so-called home with her grandmother is full of musty smell. "It's already very good. If it rains heavily and the house still leaks, I'll sit in the house with my grandmother under an umbrella." Xia Qianqian told reporters with a smile that he would also joke with her grandmother. They were chatting in the water curtain cave.

In the interview, the reporter learned that Xia Qianqian's hometown is in the countryside of Yugou Town, which is only six or seven miles away from where they live now. "The house in my hometown has been completely destroyed, and there are still several acres of farmland for other races. They give us some food every year." this year's 87 year old grandmother told reporters that Xia Qianqian's life was very hard. When she was about 1.5 years old, her mother ran away from home. When she was 7 years old, her father died of illness. After that, the two of them were dependent on each other. According to Xia Qianqian's grandmother, Qianqian actually had an uncle, but she adopted it when she was a child, and several aunts got married early. When she was more than one year old, she had to have surgery because of the dislocation of her legs. At that time, her father also suffered from heart disease, hepatitis and other diseases. Her father gave up treatment to save money for her daughter. Shortly after Xia Qianqian's operation, she gave up treatment, Her mother ran away from home, and her father died when Qian Qian was 7 years old because she couldn't stand such a blow and her illness worsened.

"Grandma is very bitter, and I am often awakened by her crying at night," says Xia Qianqian. In the days when she and her grandmother depended on each other, she told herself more than once that she must let her grandmother live a good life in the future. She said that in her memory, she often quarreled with her grandmother, but every time it was for the sake of reading. When she reached the age of primary school, she cried to go to school. Her grandmother did not break her heart of going to school by saying, "do you want me to go out to beg for food for you to go to school." in the end, grandma still tried to send her to the village. However, the biggest disagreement between her and her grandmother was in her third grade of primary school At that time, because the village primary school could only go to the second grade of primary school, which meant that she would not continue to study in Yugou Town, or she would drop out of school. The reason for the disagreement was that she wanted to take her grandmother to study in the town, but she didn't agree because the primary school in the town could also live in.

'when the bear heard that I would not go to the town to study with her, she cried; My grandmother told the reporter that in fact, the so-called tearing is to drag her clothes and not allow her to do anything. Grandma said that because she is too old, she can not take care of herself, and she can also have relatives and neighbors to take care of her in her hometown. Besides, the primary school in the town can live in school, and Qianqian also has care at school, so she doesn't want to go to town with her granddaughter to study. "But this bear child has a fight with me Food, a whole day and a night did not eat and drink, "grandma told reporters, she finally can not resist Qianqian and she came to Yugou town with her to take care of each other's lives.

My granddaughter studied by herself in the evening, and my grandmother was at the school gate

The two become the unique scenery of the town at night

Maybe it's because of the light rain yesterday morning. Grandma is a little uncomfortable. She has been lying in bed to be interviewed by reporters. After finishing sorting out her school supplies, Qianqian is holding a fan to help her fan. The reporter noticed that there is a mat on her grandmother's bed, and a sheet on Qianqian's bed. She told the reporter that her grandmother is old, and her spirit will be bad if she doesn't have a good rest.

When she was in primary school, did you take care of your grandmother or your grandmother? "In the face of a reporter's question, Xia Qianqian told reporters without hesitation that taking care of each other is the same now. Her grandmother told the reporter that when Qianqian was in primary school, she took care of Qianqian more. Since the beginning of middle school, her body was getting worse and worse, and she had cerebral thrombosis in the previous two years Qianqian takes care of her.

Grandma told reporters that when they first arrived in the town, they rented a room: a restaurant in front of them and a pigsty in the back. After living for less than a year, the government of Yugou town learned about the situation of the two, and later coordinated the current house to give them free living. The merchants in the town told the reporter that if Qianqian studied by herself every night, her grandmother was afraid that her way home would be unsafe, so she would wait at the gate of the school early. After the self-study in the next night, grandma flashed a flashlight and the two of them helped her to go home. It was both warm and unbearable. Therefore, every time Qianqian went shopping in the town, everyone would take care of them. In front of the room where the two lived, the reporter saw a small house. When he walked in, he saw that it was the kitchen. Strangely enough, there were not only earth stoves made of bricks, but also firewood and gas stoves. Grandma told reporters that Qianqian used to cook with a local stove. Since she had a cerebral thrombosis two years ago, Qianqian sealed the stove and bought gas because Qianqian knew that the smoke was so heavy that it would choke her.