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The remarriage of her ex husband with leukemia is praised for her loss of wealth and treatment

Three years after divorce, when his wife encounters a change, he can remarry with his wife. In this materialistic society, there are very few such men. In order to cure his wife and lose his fortune, such social positive energy is worth learning!

Three years after his divorce, when he heard that his ex-wife was suffering from leukemia and was in trouble, he resolutely returned to his ex-wife. Remarried, cared for in front of the hospital bed; no time-consuming treatment, and he sold his house. In his opinion, all these things are reasonable. "Anyone who is a little human will do so. His name is Zhou Quan, an ordinary citizen of Nanjing.

Selling house and moving house only cure the wife

'I want to transfer my account to my wife. Two days ago, Nanjing citizens came to Guanghua Road police station and asked the police for help. The police reviewed the relevant materials and found that this year is more than 50 years old. The registered residence is on the house. Now the place to move to is the address of his wife. "Living well, how did you suddenly want to move your residence?" the policeman asked. 'the house is for sale. 'he hesitated, his expression a little gloomy.

Just now, from his wife's marriage materials, the police found that Zhou Gang had a full face examination. The house to be sold in a comprehensive way is an affordable house. If he wants to sell the house in such a short period of time, he will certainly not be able to sell for a good price.

'This procedure requires the presence of your lover, and we need her permission on the spot. "The police told Zhou Quan. 'This is & hellip; & hellip; she's in hospital and can't come. 'I'm all in trouble.

What happened to Zhou Quan? After many inquiries from the police, Zhou Quan finally told the story. The reason why he was in a hurry to sell his house and move his household registration was to treat his wife.

Knowing that his ex-wife was ill, he resolutely remarried

Zhou Quan and Li Li were originally husband and wife. In 2010, they divorced because of some trivial matters. After three years of separation, Zhou Quan learned from his son that Li Li had leukemia and decided to come back to take care of Li Li. Li Li didn't have a regular job. She couldn't go to work after she got sick. She had no financial resources. Her parents are both old, and they can't take care of her.

After Zhou Quan came back, she went to the hospital to take care of Li Li every day. 'during the day, her parents take care of her in the hospital, and after work at night, I will accompany her in the hospital. '

Leukemia treatment costs a lot. Zhou Quan told the police that the early treatment, excluding the part of medical insurance reimbursement, had spent more than 100000 yuan at his own expense, and all the family savings were used up. His monthly income is only 3000 yuan, which is only enough for the daily expenses of his family. The doctor said that it would cost hundreds of thousands of yuan to transplant bone marrow, so he sold his house in his name. 'the son wanted to transplant bone marrow to his mother, but the matching failed. "Zhou Quan sighed, and now we are waiting for the results of the bone marrow bank.

Not long ago, Zhou Quan and Li Li remarried. The police all appreciated the comprehensive action, but he said, "in this kind of thing, anyone who meets with it will do so. Anyone who has a little human feeling will be like me. '