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The young girl signed a ten-year "contract of sale" to save her mother at all costs

A young woman signs a ten-year contract to sell her life to save her mother. You think you can see it on TV. It's actually staged in real life. Is it social sorrow or human helplessness!

'who can find a way to save my mother? I'm willing to work for free for 10 years! "On the afternoon of April 22, the reporter received a report from netizens that a woman was kneeling at the yinjiekou of Chunyuan pedestrian street in Loudi City and asked passersby for help with tears. The reporter then came to the spring garden pedestrian street, saw the informant said kneeling woman. The woman, who claims to be Fu Fen, is 32 years old. Her mother suffered a traffic accident not long ago. She is still unconscious and her life is in danger at any time. Under the pain and helplessness, Fufen finally chose to be a ten-year volunteer to save her mother. "I will save my mother's life at all costs," she told reporters

Women kneel down to save their mother for ten years

According to Fu Fen, her mother's name is Xiao langui, 56, who had been working as a nanny in other people's homes before the accident. At about 7:00 p.m. on February 17 this year, Xiao langui, who had just finished work, rode his bicycle home as usual. Unexpectedly, he ran into an accident at the intersection of Leping Avenue and Xinxing road in Louxing district. "My mother was pushing her bicycle across the zebra crossing, but shortly after crossing the safety island, she was knocked down by a speeding taxi on the right corner. 'Fufen said that it was late at the time of the incident, and it was raining, and the sight was very poor. She believes that speeding taxis should take full responsibility for the accident. The young girl's behavior of selling herself to save her mother is really a pity. I hope the relevant social departments can pay attention to more vulnerable groups in society!