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Unveil the real life world of the Undertaker: they are people who respect life better than we do

People who have seen the Japanese film "the undertaker" will have a new understanding of this profession. Perhaps in our past impression, They are always people who never smile and touch the dead. In many people's ideas, these people are very unlucky. But around us, there are still such a group of people who stick to this profession. They have no disability, but only respect and respect for the dead. What is the real life of an undertaker?

Post-90s female undertakers talk about their work and find it difficult for their families to find a partner

Among Ji shuohong's classmates in Jiaxing, Niu Jisheng takes a bath every time he finishes his work, while Liu Yang relies on going out shopping to calm his mood. 'as time went on, all the friends left, leaving only the company. 'Ji Shuo Hong cried.

It is understood that the marriage of students engaged in this industry is mostly the internal combination of the same unit, while those looking for other occupations often go through twists and turns. Before the Spring Festival in 2014, a mortician met with a nurse from a hospital in Changsha when he met with resolute opposition from her parents. However, they had no choice but to turn to the dating program of a TV station in Hunan Province to run a special program called "angels in white fall in love with black and white impermanence.".

In the media's persuasion, the woman's family finally nodded.

A post-90s undertaker said he was so annoyed by the social pressure of his career that he used to brush up on his micro blog every time he finished his work. "Netizens often ask if they have a bad brain in this line of work. I replied that I was very proud of my work. '

Why do you choose to be an undertaker?

Now Ji shuohong, who works in a funeral home in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, has an in-depth understanding of this. She said that her reasons for entering school had nothing to do with her high salary and employment.

The outstanding student, who impressed many teachers, said in an interview with CCTV in 2013 that his grandmother died of illness and his cousin was fragmented due to a car accident. She couldn't accept the death of her two relatives. She thought that the dead should be allowed to leave in a decent way.

So, on a working table of the funeral home, she and another male partner Zeng Liangliang often repeat their professional lessons: shaving the dead gently, trimming their fingernails, putting on make-up and dressing. Because the body becomes stiff after death, it needs bath and massage to recover elasticity. Hours of work are often tiring.

She has served more than 100 dead people since she joined the company for more than a year. 'we call them & lsquo; the dead & because they are going to live in another place. You need to have this attitude to understand your career. '

Chen Yixuan, who studied in the same school as Ji shuohong, realized the meaning of 'consolation messenger' in her internship: a husband, seeing his wife in a car accident, thought his wife was still alive and refused to leave for a long time. There is no distinction between high and low positions in this world. Similarly, there is no need for us to discriminate against and not understand the undertaker. Only when we love a profession can we get more respect and understanding. It is they who make our loved ones go on such a beautiful road. Therefore, they are people who know how to fear life better than us!