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The real version of "sister peach" in her heart

Does the gentle and delicate film "sister peach" make many people cry? In fact, the real version of sister peach is also staged in our life, and this moving is still diffuse, unforgettable!

The film "sister peach" tells the story of a nanny who worked for decades at the employer's home and was taken care of by a young master after a stroke. In Liuzhou, Guangxi, there is a real-life story of "sister Tao": an old man without children was taken home by the children she had raised when his wife died and was left helpless. She took care of him as a mother for nearly 20 years. Dong Shaolan, 85, is now living happily with her son, Li Yongzhong. The inheritance of this good moral character may last forever, and infect more people to learn how to treat the elderly well!