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A 6-year-old girl was picked up on the balcony and saved her child with a rope made of bed sheets

Dongguan also has a lift brother to show up, sometimes in other people's difficult time to lend a helping hand, will let the whole society become more warm, skillfully use the bed sheet to help children, for such kind of kind-hearted person's praise!

in Dongguan, another 'lift brother'! With the help of a long rope formed by sheets, Li Jian, 28, successfully picked up a 6-year-old girl stuck in the gap between burglar proof windows and rescued her with the help of firefighters. On the morning of April 5, this moving scene took place in Liaobu Town, Dongguan. The local police are applying for the reward.

The girl was accidentally stuck on the balcony

Li Li, a 6-year-old from Zhanjiang, lives with her parents on the sixth floor of a rented house in Kuang Jiang tou, Liaobu Town. April 5 is Tomb Sweeping Day. At about 9:00 a.m., my mother, Ms. Zhou, took her two-and-a-half-year-old sister out to buy vegetables, leaving Lili alone at home. After a while, Lily seemed to hear someone calling herself downstairs.

'before I went out, I told her she couldn't open the door casually. She brought a stool and wanted to look down from the burglar proof window on the balcony. "Ms. Zhou later learned that Li Li had just climbed up and stepped on her foot, her neck stuck in the gap between iron poles about 10 cm wide, and her body was suspended in the air.

At this time, Li Jian, a 28 year old Sichuan native, happened to pass by here. The movement on the windowsill attracted his attention. 'at first, I thought it was someone else's clothes drying on the balcony. After a closer look, I found that the child was stuck. 'Li Jian recalled that Lili didn't cry at that time, but her feet kept kicking.

Saving people by using the sheets on the floor

"Help!" Li Jian called for help from his neighbors. He rushed to the sixth floor and knocked on the door. Seeing no response, he ran to the top of the building and looked down. I just can't make a quilt with a lot of quilts. 'at Li Jian's suggestion, the neighbors quickly formed a long rope. Then, Li Jian tied the rope to his waist, and let the neighbors hold it, and then slowly climbed down barefoot and barefoot.

After a while, Li Jian fell to the top of the windowsill on the 5th floor. With one hand, he grasped the iron pole of the windowsill on the 6th floor, and with the other he held Lili up for more than ten minutes. Sun qiuya, the second-hand landlord of the next building, was not idle. He organized a group of neighbors to pull up quilts downstairs. "In case the little girl falls down, we'll catch her.". Soon, the firefighters who arrived at the scene broke through the door and rescued Li Jian and Lili safely.

Seeing that the girl had nothing to do with her, Li Jian left the scene in silence, while Ms. Zhou inquired about everything. Finally, with the help of the police, she found her daughter's savior.