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Liping, Guizhou: "talent list" delivers positive energy for development

A few days ago, a new content has been added to the billboard at the main road of Liping city and the gate of the county Party committee's courtyard, that is, the list of talents in Dong township.

The 'stars' on the list are all models around the people and are selected by the people themselves. The standing "talent list" not only makes the "stars" who are born and raised by the local people's eyes, but also leads people forward, carrying forward the new culture of civilization, health and positive progress.

Aiming at some problems existing in the current social and economic life of Liping County, starting from the word "good" which can most arouse the inner resonance of the masses, and combining with the activities of "noble people and good deeds" in the province, it vigorously promotes the "four styles" of mutual assistance, honesty, dedication and filial piety. Since July 2013, the theme has been "telling the story of Liping, describing the spirit of Liping, and casting the soul of Liping", It was selected by the "Liping grand stage".

Zhang Hongyuan, a teacher of Leidong Township Central Primary School in Liping County, is on the list in this issue. The reason for being on the list is that he has been rooted in the water village of Yao township for more than 30 years and has cultivated hundreds of local talents. In order to prevent a student from dropping out of school, he has traveled all over the country's mountains, valleys and villages, and subsidized nearly 10000 yuan of students. '

Zhang Hongyuan, 57, came from Tianzhu county to Leidong Township, Liping County, hundreds of kilometers away from home, after failing the college entrance examination in 1978. He worked as a primary school teacher for more than 30 years. On the way, he had the opportunity to leave Leidong primary school to teach in a better school, but he insisted on staying and supporting the blue sky for the children with his shoulder. In his work, regardless of pay, regardless of gains and losses, he worked hard and never complained. In order not to let a student drop out of school, he went to every village there, persuading parents and educating students, and using his personality and spirit to forever inspire everyone around him to move forward.

In addition to Zhang Hongyuan, five models including Wu zhenqiong, the director of Liping County laoyandao ecological breeding Co., Ltd., were also listed in the "talent list".

"Wu zhenqiong, 11 years old, suffered a family accident. Her parents both died and began to take on the burden and responsibility of a poor peasant family. With her unremitting efforts and persistent pursuit of her career and her hard-working hands, she has set up a breeding company to make nearly a thousand farmers rich. '

At present, there are nearly 100 talented people in Liping, such as "Liping Leifeng", "good people around" and so on.

"All kinds of talented people have a common flash point -" goodness "is that they sing good deeds with their own actions, transmit positive social energy, and show a new trend of civilization. 'Gao Lingping, member of the Standing Committee of the Liping county Party committee and Minister of propaganda, said.

This form is a positive attempt. Next, we should mobilize all walks of life, all walks of life and the masses to start from themselves, from the side, from the ordinary things, so that the masses can fully feel the charm of truth, goodness and beauty, and further stimulate the social Positive energy and the power to be good.