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A traffic accident, a beautiful talk handed down from generation to generation

It's not terrible to make mistakes. What's terrible is that they don't have the courage to bear the mistakes. The people who have the courage to bear the mistakes are great. They know that as long as they sincerely face themselves and others, they will win the respect and friendship of others. However, it is shameful to run away in front of the responsibility and only care about their own interests while ignoring others. It is a coward's performance and does not conform to the basic spirit of the current harmonious society.

On February 13, a traffic accident occurred in Yanjiao, Hebei Province: Han Jian, a 76 year old retired man, was knocked down by an 18-year-old girl riding an electric car.

The girl gave active treatment to the elderly, but she was dismissed by the unit because she went to the hospital to accompany her every day and asked for too much leave. After the injured old man and his family learned about the situation, they not only did not ask for compensation from the girl, but also took the initiative to help her find a new job. After hearing about this, Jingdong Zhongmei hospital decided to set up a 'help fund' to call for social indifference. Once reported by the media, this incident has aroused widespread concern in the society.

Working girl knocked down old professor

The young girl, Shi Fangli, came to work with her parents in Beijing at the end of 2013, selling in a clothing store in Yanjiao, Hebei Province, with a monthly income of 1200 yuan.

That morning, Shi Fangli rode her electric car to work as usual. When she passed an intersection, she thought that the old man in front of her wanted to turn left, so she wanted to speed up and overtake him. Unexpectedly, the old man also turned right. As a result, the brake failed to hit it, and the old man suddenly fell unconscious.

Shi Fangli was frightened. She quickly helped the old man up and asked passers-by for help. The old man was sent to the nearby hospital. After diagnosis, all the second to sixth ribs on the left side of the old man's body were fractured, with open mandibular injury and mild concussion.

Shi Fangli's father immediately rushed to the hospital to pay 10000 yuan of medical expenses and repeatedly said that he would take full responsibility. Shi Fangli comes to the hospital every day to take good care of the elderly.

Victims and their families seek jobs for the perpetrators

Before his retirement, Han Jian was a professor at the Institute of disaster prevention and technology of China Seismological Bureau. In the hospital bed, he saw that Shi Fangli, who was guarding her side every day, was in a low mood. After questioning, he learned that Shi Fangli had asked for leave to accompany the injured in the hospital because of the traffic accident. She delayed her work and was dismissed.

Han Jian held a 'family meeting' in the hospital bed and proposed that she would not make any claim against Shi Fangli: "she is a simple child and did not intentionally bump into me. After the incident, she did not escape, but rescued in time. I don't blame her. '

Han Xuefeng, the son of Professor Han Jian, understands his father's mood. He released the information of finding a job for Shi Fangli through wechat. A friend of Han Xuefeng was very moved when he saw it and proposed to let Shi Fangli work in a golf course, with a monthly salary of about 4000 yuan. At present, Shi Fangli has gone to the new unit to participate in the pre job training, and she can officially enter the job in early March. She said that even she couldn't believe it at the beginning. "Friends and relatives all said that I really met a kind-hearted person!" Shi Fangli was moved or moved.

Now, Han Jian and Shi Fangli are very much like grandsons and grandsons. 'you are still young, which is the age for learning. You should create conditions as much as possible to learn more useful knowledge. 'the old man told her.

Help fund

At the beginning, in order to take care of his father conveniently, and because the hospital where he worked had regulations on fee reduction and exemption for the family members of employees, Han Xuefeng transferred his father to Jingdong Zhongmei hospital where he worked. After hearing about this, President Guo Huawei immediately discussed the establishment of a 'help' fund in the hospital. On February 26, the hospital officially made a decision that in the future, it would treat those who were injured due to accidents and reduce medical expenses as appropriate. If the troublemaker is really in financial difficulties, it can be listed as the object of assistance after being identified and certified by relevant departments.

Guo Huawei said that due to the lack of trust between people, the elderly fell down without help, and even hit and run from time to time. In this traffic accident, because of the courage of the perpetrators, the tolerance and friendship of the injured, the accident has a warm and happy ending.

There is no greater kindness than kindness. From the old man who treated others with respect, after a period of benign interaction, a traffic accident quickly became a beautiful talk that everyone praised.