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26 year old intimate warm man hand-painted 9 pages of wechat, teaching parents make netizens tears,

Recently, the hand-painted wechat, which has been widely spread on the Internet, makes netizens burst into tears. Because parents can't use wechat and hand-painted nine pages of paper, netizens praise such warm behavior. Maybe one day we will grow old. At that time, how our children will treat us, such a warm scene is the warmest memory of our life. On the 25th, a group of cartoons teaching parents how to use wechat became popular on Weibo. The official microblog of people's daily and other well-known microblogs reprinted and forwarded more than 10000. This group of cartoons, which are cute, loving, simple and tear jerking in the eyes of netizens, were created by Zhang Ming, a graduate of Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications. On the first page of the cartoon, he wrote: "Dear Mom and Dad, my son can't always be with you two old people. Since you can't master the use of wechat very quickly, please read this book slowly, hoping to solve the anxious mood of the two old men & hellip

After 12 days of hands-on teaching, parents still can't use it

On the 25th, a reporter from Chongqing Evening News contacted Zhang Ming, a 26 year old Shandong native who majored in animation at Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications and now works in Beijing.

Back home this Spring Festival, Zhang Ming specially bought two HTC smart phones in Beijing to give them to his parents. Originally, he thought that as long as he explained to his parents a little, wechat would be easier to use than QQ. But after 12 days at home, his parents could not understand the basic functions of smart phones, such as switch on and off, lock screen, etc., and even the wechat taught by his son was not very good at using.

I came back to Beijing on the ninth day of the new year. At that time, my parents had to call three or four times a week to ask about the use of wechat. I couldn't explain it in detail because I was busy with my work. Seeing that they were so anxious and worried that they were too old and anxious for their health, I wanted to draw a wechat tutorial for them. 'said Zhang Ming.

Zhang Ming's wechat instructions are 9 pages in total, which contain personal voice communication, sending expression, how to send voice, how to send photos and so on. Each article is copied from the wechat interface, and the function and usage of each key are clearly marked with different color pens, and the precautions are marked with Chinese characters beside. On the page of the main interface, the author draws his own wechat name and avatar, and an arrow next to it says: 'this is his son's account number. You just need to click to enter the interactive interface with his son's information. '

Don't want parents to be sad

Zhang Ming University has worked in Chongqing for four years, worked in Beijing for three and a half years, and spent less than a month at home with his parents every year.

Zhang Ming used to call his parents half a month or even once a month. Sometimes his mother would complain, "why do I call you on my own initiative every time. "I'm out of town, and I can't even call them when I'm busy. 'said Zhang Ming.

Recently, when Zhang Ming went home, he noticed the change of his parents. His parents, who had no special hobbies, suddenly raised flowers, plants and fish at home. 'I think they may be too lonely. "Zhang Ming sighed that from childhood to adulthood, his parents would prepare new clothes for him every new year. Even if he was an adult, even if he didn't come back for the new year, there was no break. This year's new year, his parents still bought him new clothes, worried that he didn't like them, and chose two different styles.

'after changing the mobile phone, I was very sad when I looked at my mother's clumsy actions. This time I went home, I could clearly feel that my parents were getting older and their hair began to turn white, which made me feel very sad. Later, when I returned to Beijing, I learned that they were worried about wechat and worried about their health. "Zhang Ming said that the use of the instructions is also to let parents not worry, the elderly emotional delicate, do not let them have a" son is not around, they can not learn "sad, and this nine page wechat course, with some warm tips, is also to let parents see these tutorials will think of their son, feel the son is around.

Now there are hand drawn lessons to communicate with each other every day

"Son, what's the wedding arrangement like this year?" "when can we have a holiday?" & hellip; & hellip; after reading the instructions of his son's paintings, parents quickly mastered the voice and photo functions of wechat. When they were free, they would chat with their son on wechat, and when they thought about their son, they would look at the pictures that their son had sent to them via wechat. Early in the morning of the 25th, Zhang Ming sent a wechat to his parents again. He learned that his mother had gone to the hospital because of his illness. He was so anxious that he could not help but rush back to Shandong. Fortunately, his parents told him that it was a small cold that did not hinder him. He was relieved.

On the 25th, a reporter contacted Zhang Ming's mother by phone, referring to the instructions of her son's hand-painted pictures. Li's mother said with a smile, "I've learned how to use wechat based on my son's drawings. '

Li's mother said that her son has been studying and working outside for nearly eight years, and there are few opportunities to go home. Although she calls every other time, she can't understand her son's specific life and is still worried about her. Now when mom Li is free at night, she will look at wechat and chat with her son. 'I can talk to my son often and know what he is doing every day. '

In addition to wechat, in order to make his parents not feel lonely, Zhang Ming put his photos into pendants and decorations at home. "Sometimes when relatives and friends come to visit, parents will point to photos to introduce their sons, take out their mobile phones and show wechat to others, and say with pride that their sons teach them how to use high technology. 'said Zhang Ming.