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Huajia couple sweep 30 li of snow to make their daughter travel unimpeded, causing netizens' tears t

Yan'an spent 30 li of snow sweeping for their daughter to go to the railway station unimpeded! Near the end of the Spring Festival holiday, this snowfall brings not only joy to people, but also inconvenience to people returning home. For the young people working outside, the end of the Spring Festival also means that they start to set foot on the road to return home. This snow is really a very difficult thing for the travelers! So in order to send the daughter who works in Yulin to the railway station smoothly, a couple who live in Yan'an rural area and have spent 30 Li in snow sweeping, which makes people deeply moved.

Peng Caiqin, who lives in yuanlongsi Township, Yaodian Town, Yan'an City, is 24 years old. After graduating from college, he worked in a company in Yulin. Twenty four years ago, on the 24th of December, she embarked on the journey home with joy and all kinds of new year's products. However, before she could speak to her parents properly after returning home, the pace of time had pushed her onto the return train. 'after returning home for the new year, I spent most of my time gathering with my classmates and friends. I really stayed at home for less than 3 days. "She said that when she left home, she couldn't stop the tears running down when she saw her parents off. 'my brother and sister are married. I'm the only one to accompany them during the Spring Festival, and I'm tired of being together with my classmates. Because of work, I can't be with them at ordinary times. I really feel sorry for the two old people. '

'my family is in the countryside. I usually go to the railway station to take a minivan. It has snowed too heavily these days to ride. 'she said, in order to make herself catch up with the train at 7, 15 o'clock, after 8 o'clock in the morning, after dinner, parents took a broom and a man with a shovel and set off on the way to the snow. 'I won't let them go, but they won't listen to anything. They say that the potholes are not easy to walk, and they worry that I'm not safe alone. "When it comes to the scene of parents sweeping snow for themselves, Peng Caiqin has tears in his eyes. 'her parents are over 60 years old, and the 30 mile mountain road is hellip; & hellip;' she said that when she stepped on the mountain road swept by her parents to the railway station, she felt not only moved, but also regretted that it was difficult to be filial at home.