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Father basks in his daughter's 7-year-old photo and gets praise from netizens

A spring festival gala song "where is the time?" captured many people's tears. The group photo of "big cute son" father and daughter for 30 years became the most tearful picture of the Spring Festival Gala. Also let a lot of people start to rethink with their parents to get along with little. The protagonist, damingzi, wrote in his microblog: 'thank you for your 30 years of growing up and your dad's company every step of the way. "Touched by this, recently, Mr. Shi, Nanjing's father, sorted out 60 photos of his daughter's growth and shared his fun with netizens.

Birth photos for premature cocoa parents

On February 20, 2007, his daughter coco quack landed. Taking photos of her became a part of Mr. Shi's daily life. He said: 'I didn't do this deliberately every day or every year. When I thought about it, I would take pictures and put them in a special folder. Touched by the Spring Festival Gala of the year of horse, Mr. Shi took advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to collate the photos of 60 Zhang Keke, which were successively exposed in the network log according to the time. In addition to specific dates, each photo also indicates the number of days coco was born, counting the time he spent growing up with his daughter. This blog is called "little growth, big happiness". The first picture is Coco's birth photo. The girl's wide eyed look in the picture made Mr. Shi's family survive the first 20 days without seeing their children. At that time, she was born prematurely, weighing only 3 Jin and 6 Liang. Almost all her life, she was handed over to the children's Hospital for care. Only when she was raised to a certain weight can she bring it to us. 'Mr. Shi recalled that they couldn't see the children at that time. They could only look at the pictures when they thought about the children.

Netizens reply 'regret seldom taking pictures of children'

Today, the 7-year-old coco is a first-year student in Nanjing Tongren primary school, and has already sprung up and fallen gracefully. Looking at Coco's healthy growth, 'going to another stage of life', Mr. Shi's mood is also complicated: 'I am very ambivalent. I clearly want to see her continue to grow, sometimes I miss her childhood before school, I wish I could take her again. '

60 photos are like miniature of 7 years, attracting netizens to reply one after another. In addition to praising Coco's beauty and aura, some parents regret that they seldom take pictures of their children. My own primary school life is still vivid in my mind. Now my children are so big and my parents have white hair. Time flies fast. 'netizens encouraged Mr. Shi to continue to take pictures for his daughter and to collect memories of getting along with her children.

'I post to make every ordinary parent understand that even if we don't do it well, our efforts for our children are meaningful. 'Mr. Shi said that when children have the pressure of achievement after school, there will be less happy time. He just wants to see his daughter keep childlike and make small progress every day, just like his net name, 'happiness is so simple'.