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Beipiao boys helped the dog mother and gowardesh seven years ago and insisted on waiting for the own

In the dog's world, there is no color to speak of. Loyalty is their best gift to human beings! The movie "eight heroes of loyal dogs" tells the story of a dog who goes to the station every day to wait for the owner to go home. Such a "loyal dog, golden tiger" also appears at the Dawang Road intersection. Every afternoon, at three or four o'clock, he will "crouch here" on time. Mr. Lu, a young dog owner, said that he had taken Jinhu to work in the shop before, so he remembered the owner's way home and waited at the intersection almost every afternoon for the owner to go home.

Loyal dog, golden tiger

No feeding, no eating, no taking

Last Thursday afternoon, Ms. Zhang, passing by Dawang Road, saw the dog waiting at the intersection again. This is the third time in a month that she has seen it. The way she always waits at the intersection makes Ms. Zhang feel sad. 'it's not that she's separated from the owner here. It's been so long. I hope it can wait for the owner as soon as possible. '

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter of Beijing Morning Post saw the figure of "loyal dog Bagong" near Dawang Road, as Ms. Zhang said, "medium-sized dog, yellow thin, pine lion seed cluster". After it slipped to the bus station, it suddenly stopped walking, stood in situ and looked at the people waiting for the bus. Although the size is not small, but it seems that the gentle and smart puppy is very popular. Passers-by found that he stared at himself directly, and couldn't help but look at him more. But the dog turned his head and went on searching in the crowd. The passers-by didn't eat the dog when feeding it, and said: "is this dog waiting for someone? Is it a stray dog separated from his family? It's really smart. No one else can take it.". '

The security guard nearby saw him cute and came to play with him. The dog didn't quarrel or make any noise. He walked with his tail in his hand. After a big circle and walking on the overpass, he took the reporter from Beijing Morning Post to his home. There was no one at home. He scratched door in frustration and sat on ground sighing. It was getting dark, and the dog walked out slowly. He didn't walk until he got to the main road where people came and went. He sat at the gate of the courtyard and continued to wait. Although sleepy eyelids straight fight, head drooping fast asleep, but still stick. After a while, he ran excitedly to a man in his forties and fifties, wagging his tail enthusiastically and rubbing it back and forth on his legs. He cried in his throat as if laughing.

The man said that "loyal dog" was raised by his son. Shortly after he came to Beijing, both father and son went to work during the day, so they had to keep the dog at home. Because it was a little male dog with a tiger head and a tiger brain, and the golden hair all over his body, he named it "golden tiger". The active golden tiger can always sneak out by himself. In the evening, he will come to the station or the only way for the two of us to go home. Welcome to the owner of the golden tiger relieved, dog food can not afford to eat, after returning home immediately lying in the nest to sleep 'Huhu' ring.

Seven years ago

Mother dog is rescued and gives birth to baby

At 8 o'clock in the evening, Mr. LV, the owner of Jinhu, came back. After greeting the owner briefly, Jinhu went back to sleep. Mr. Lu said that if he got off work on time, he could almost see it after getting off the bus, and he didn't need to identify it carefully. The dog could find him and rub his pants. Like yesterday, when the scheduled time has not arrived, Jinhu will go home first.

Mr. Lu, a 20-year-old boy from Beipiao, rescued a chow lion dog who was seriously injured in a car accident seven years ago. At that time, he didn't know that he was pregnant. Several months later, he gave birth to a litter of cubs. Maybe it's because he has eyes with golden tiger. Mr. Lu has sent all the pups and the dog's mother to others, but only this one. At the beginning of this year, the friend who opened the shop together went back to his hometown for development. Every day when he saw the shop himself, he wanted to find a companion, so he led Jin Hu to work together and walked home together in the evening. Recently, the store moved to a far place, so the boy had to take the bus to work, so he couldn't take the dog with him. But Jin Hu, who can only stay at home, is not honest. Because he remembers his master's off-duty route, he often runs out to Dawang Road intersection and other masters.

'basically, I can see it every day when I get off the car and go home. I've been in love with my family for so many years. In the past, it was hard to avoid feeling sad on the way to work. It was dark when walking, and I was alone when I went home. I didn't even feel like cooking. Since it came out every day to pick me up, it's really in a different mood. To say that it's happiness, I think that as long as I go home, I can see it waiting for me to go home. It's a feeling of being welcomed and needed. Thank you, Jinhu. '