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The temperature of the water of the mother and daughter of the post-90s' three times' rescue is belo

When we point a series of labels such as doubt, negative energy, selfishness, laziness and irresponsibility to the post-90s, there are also many post-90s who show us the highlights of human nature in this generation with their own practical actions!

A mother and daughter committed suicide by jumping on the Yellow River due to family difficulties at Xiaoxihu flyover in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, Tuesday night. When Wei Wanguo, the post-90s fruit stall owner, saw it, he jumped into the water below zero temperature three times to save people. Finally, with the help of fire fighters and police, the mother and daughter were rescued. The little girl was saved when her mother died on the spot due to ineffective rescue. A fruit stall owner for saving people, praise one!