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Seventy year old people's self-defense martyrs cemetery 23 years of the faith of keeping poverty

An old man can guard the cemetery for 23 years. This kind of belief is very shocking for anyone! Zhou Wanping, 69, is a martyr cemetery administrator in Batan, Binhai County, Yancheng City. She has been a martyr cemetery administrator for 23 years. Even though she was old, she told the modern express firmly: 'even at the age of 90, as long as I can walk, I will guard the cemetery. I am willing to guard for life, no regrets. '

23 years of protecting the cemetery

On November 29, 2013, at 6:30 in the morning, the temperature outside the house was only about zero centigrade, and the river had frozen. Zhou Wanping, wearing a thick down jacket and a cloth around his neck, left home on a small tricycle and came to the martyr cemetery in Batan, Binhai County, more than 500 meters away from home. After opening the gate of the cemetery, she began to use a broom to clean the road of the cemetery. There were few fallen leaves and branches on the road, but Zhou Wanping still swept carefully. After sweeping the ground, she took a rag and went to the martyrs' tombs in the northwest side of the cemetery to wipe the floating earth on the tombstones. After that, she went to the small memorial hall in the cemetery to clean up the sanitation.

"Twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon before the sun sets. Zhou Wanping told the modern express that in winter, she would go to the cemetery at about 6:30 every day; in summer, she would go to the cemetery at about 5:00 every morning to clean up. No matter in the cold winter or in the hot summer, Zhou Wanping has to go to the cemetery for maintenance every day, rain or shine. 'in the blink of an eye, I have been here since the martyr's cemetery was built. If one day I didn't come to the cemetery, I would feel less and uncomfortable. '

In the past 23 years, every tombstone, every flower, grass and tree in the cemetery has been deeply branded in Zhou Wanping's heart. "The whole cemetery consists of one main monument, five group tombs, 100 scattered tombs and a square." she introduced the cemetery to the reporter. She said: "the monument to the battle martyrs of Wangqiao, 18 meters high, is in the form of a three edged bayonet, inserted into the heart of the enemy, representing the third division of the New Fourth Army at that time; the eight steps under the monument represent the eighth brigade of the third division that participated in the battle; The 24 yellow buds around represent the 24 regiments of the third division, the eighth brigade, and the 48 pillars connected by iron cables around the monument represent that the 48 martyrs who died here are closely united & hellip; & hellip; "

Zhou Wanping said that in 1943, the Japanese and Puppet Armies swept the Batan, and the 24th regiment of the 8th brigade of the third division of the New Fourth Army led by Huang Kecheng launched a bloody battle with the enemy in the Batan Wangqiao, killing more than 120 ghosts and more than 300 puppet troops of a Japanese squadron and winning, but 48 officers and soldiers of the 24th regiment also gave their precious lives.

Take the initiative to be a cemetery administrator and beautify the cemetery at one's own expense

In 1990, Binhai County built a martyr cemetery where Wang Qiao fought. Zhou Wanping, 46, asked to be a cemetery administrator. 'before I was an administrator, I was the village director and worked for 12 years. "Zhou Wanping said with a smile that the cemetery administrator's work is monotonous, hard and low pay. No one is willing to do it, but she asked for the job. Zhou Wanping proudly said that his mother was the leader of the local women's self defense force, and organized women to carry stretchers on the battlefield. In addition, she was also responsible for guarding people and organizing people to move when she learned that ghosts were coming. 'my mother has been a revolutionary all her life. I learned from her. 'in the martyrs' cemetery, local villagers pointed to the pine trees more than 10 meters high in the cemetery and told reporters that when the cemetery was built, Zhou Wanping bought and planted the pine trees at his own expense. At that time, the small seedlings less than half a meter high have grown into trees. As long as there are weeds in the cemetery, she always cleans them over and over again; when the branches grow, she will trim them in time; when the inscriptions on the martyr's tombstone are light, she will trace them again with ink.

Zhou Wanping had a simple feeling for the martyrs. 'there are four festivals every year. I burn paper money for the martyrs. 'she said that many martyrs died here, but no relatives could be found. She was the martyrs' family and relatives, so she would sacrifice the martyrs here according to the rural customs. 'I do things with my own conscience. People give their lives when they are in their 20s and 18S. How can we not do something for them?'

Find relatives for martyrs help 12 martyrs find relatives

Due to the unknown origin and the change of place names, some martyrs who have been sleeping underground have no relatives to worship for many years. Maybe the spirits of the martyrs in the sky are looking forward to their relatives to see themselves. Maybe the relatives of the martyrs are also struggling to find out and look for them. Zhou Wanping's heart is very bad when he thinks of these things. While guarding the cemetery, she had the idea of helping the martyrs find their relatives. 'we can't be sorry for the martyrs, for their families, for the martyrs' blood, and for their tears. "Said Zhou Wanping.

At first, Zhou Wanping would only inquire about the names of the martyrs on the tombstone in the nearby villages and surrounding counties and cities, but he found nothing.

Later, it was suggested that she go to the county archives or Civil Affairs Bureau to find clues, and then look for them. There are dozens of miles from Batan town to Binhai County. In order to save money, Zhou Wanping often rides his bicycle to the county archives and civil affairs department to consult the materials such as the list of revolutionary martyrs in Jiangsu Province, sometimes just for a day.

Once, Zhou Wanping happened to see a family searching program on TV. Zhou Wanping immediately took action, contacted the local TV station, released the names of the martyrs, and used his home phone as a family hotline. She got a lot of clues, as well as the help of civil affairs departments and all sectors of society.

"So far, I have helped 12 martyrs find their relatives. "Said Zhou Wanping with relief. She took out a notebook with names on it. 'Miao Hongbao of Guannan County, whose father is a martyr, contacted him and came to pay homage on Qingming Festival this year. Zhang Yaocheng of Datao Township in Binhai County, whose Uncle Zhang Jiming was buried in the cemetery, also found & hellip; & hellip; '

'I'll guard the cemetery even when I'm 90'

Talking about her own income, Zhou Wanping said with a smile that in the 21 years before 2011, her monthly income was 60 yuan, 720 yuan a year. In the past two years, the Civil Affairs Department has implemented the "comfort and martyrdom project" to rebuild and expand the Batan martyr cemetery. Zhou Wanping's income has increased a lot, 'the Civil Affairs Department has given me 3000 yuan a year, and the town has given me 4800 yuan a year, a lot more than before. "Zhou Wanping said that she didn't care about more money and less money, mainly because she had feelings for the martyrs' cemetery." even if I didn't give a cent, I would do it. '

People from Binhai County government told reporters that the economic conditions of Zhou Wanping's family are very good, and that four children have established businesses in southern Jiangsu. The eldest son, in particular, is currently the chairman of a construction engineering company, specializing in the construction of large-scale municipal projects, with an annual income of more than 10 million yuan. Considering her mother's old age, the children advised her to spend her old age in southern Jiangsu for many times, and prepared comfortable accommodation for Zhou Wanping's old couple. But Zhou Wanping didn't want to, 'so many martyrs are here, I can't even find my relatives now. "Zhou Wanping told the modern express," no matter what the conditions are, I want to protect the martyrs all my life without any regrets. This year I am 69 years old, even if I am 90 years old, if I can still move, I have to look after the cemetery, that's the feeling. 'her tone was firm.