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The popular movie "the magic test of Balala Fairy" is released today. What are the good points of Ba

The live action Magic Movie "the magic test of Balala" has been released nationwide since January 23. Smart, beautiful and full of justice in the movie, magic fairy sister Xiaolan, Maggie Meixue, Queen, Prince of amusement and other characters have long been idols in children's hearts. In children's eyes, the world is really full of all kinds of magic, becoming a little fairy is also the ultimate dream of little girls. So, mom and Dad take their little princess into the cinema, recite incantations with Balala, and start the magic journey, which will be the happiest thing for the children in this winter vacation and Spring Festival.

"The test of the magic of Balala" is the second film in the series of "Balala film". Compared with the previous one, it has a comprehensive upgrade. It's fantastic and has a lot to watch. Let's have a look at it first.

Point 1: the battle between the good and evil, the magic and the immortal, the unity and friendship, the positive energy

"The magic test of Ba la la little magic fairy" once again returns to the magic castle that children are familiar with, and Maggie and Michelle usher in the fifth level of magic test. Smart but lack of courage of the small magic fairy, encountered a big trouble in the exam, guardian magic fairy small blue appeared in time, but can not escape the punishment of cleaning the library together. The kind-hearted three inadvertently release the villain Fedora, revealing the secret hidden in the depths of the fairy garden. A confrontation between good and evil officially begins & hellip; & hellip;

Test, friendship, choice, dream, these key words that children will encounter in the process of growing up, can be found in the movie one by one corresponding to the appropriate answer. In the face of exams, there are successes and failures. The little magic fairy lets the children know that helping each other is more valuable than the joy of success when they fail. In the face of friendship, there are trust and betrayal. The little magic fairy teaches the children to see every flash of the people around them and share the same happiness and hardship; In the face of dreams, there is effort, there is harvest, little magic fairy accompany the children to guard the dream, guard the love.

Highlight 2: Wang Shiling becomes an energy fairy to send her best wishes for the new year

Angela Wang Shiling, the second generation of all natural cute stars, has gained high popularity through "where's daddy going". This little princess from the pink planet is also a super fan of Ba Lala. She has expressed her love for the little fairy many times on the show and in her life. The film "the test of the magic of Balala" specially invited her as a promotion ambassador to participate in the film press conference and other promotional activities, recording the "cute" theme song and shooting the theme song MV.

At the end of the movie, Angela Wang Shiling's incarnation is "energy Fairy" to send new year's greetings to the audience who enter the cinema. As long as you enter the cinema to watch the movie "the magic test of Balala Fairy", you can see the super wonderful "Adorable eggs".

Point 3: magic effect upgrade, protect dream, protect love

The big movie series "the test of the magic of Balala" has always taken the transmission of positive energy as its own responsibility. In the process of watching, children will not only gain joy, but also get the edification of knowledge and sentiment. On the basis of the continuation of the first light and humorous style and the sweet and dreamy modeling, Balala fairy 2 has been upgraded from the story to the special effects. Magic Castle, fairy garden and other scenes are more vivid, magic, transformation, confrontation effect is more gorgeous and dazzling, and the rhythm of the plot is more intense and exciting.

In the movie, there is a special girl who needs a wheelchair to move with other children. In fact, the main reason why she chose to participate in the shooting of this big movie is that she is a super fan of Ba La La series. Although she is physically inconvenient, she infects everyone around her with a positive and optimistic spirit. From the small audience in front of the TV, to the small stars on the big screen, like her, there is sister LAN in the movie. Chen Yuwei, who has been known as the "five likes to learn bully", talked about this shooting experience on the premiere day, and even moved to tears: "I've been learning dance since childhood, and I always hope to stand on the stage and perform for more people one day. This time, I passed the examination of" the magic of Ba la la la little devil Fairy " I have the opportunity to realize my dream and become the little blue sister loved by the children. I am very lucky and grateful.

Highlight 4: high tech interactive fun for small audience

Compared with the traditional children's film, "the test of the magic of Balala Fairy", as the first live action animation film in China, not only focuses on the content of the film, but also hopes to let children experience the magic power of magic in a comprehensive way. It is worth mentioning that, after professional research and development and repeated testing, "Balala magic fairy 2" has added high-tech interactive links, specially designed magic summoner, and realized the energy exchange between children watching movies and movies for the first time. During the release period, the children who walk into the cinema can interact with the magic fairy in the movie as long as they put the magic Summoner on their hands and adjust it to the corresponding interactive mode. When the little magic fairies are in an emergency, the magic Summoner on their wrists will flash to remind everyone to shout for the little magic fairies, increase their energy, and overcome evil with them.

This surprise is also a new year's gift for every child who walks into the cinema during the winter vacation. I believe that this sincere work will set off a "magic wind" among children again.

Highlight 5: mother and daughter share magic fairy dream

If a movie can connect the common dream of two generations, "the test of the magic of Balala Fairy" is perfect. Every girl has a magic fairy dream. She is eager to protect her love and dream with magic. At the press conference, Li Xiang also showed great support for her daughter's love for the little magic fairy: "of course, I also have a dream of magic fairy. Every girl should have this feeling when she was a child.".

With the end of the children's exams, the happy winter vacation only belongs to childhood also began. It's also a wise choice for parents to choose the film "the test of the magic of the little devil" as the first New Year gift for their children. While rewarding children for their efforts in the past year, they can also shorten the distance between them. I believe that such a live action animation film full of positive energy will surely awaken the "magic fairy dream" shared by mother and daughter.

As a popular animation brand, "Balala magic fairy" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of children. As the first film series in China with the theme of magic transformation and magic crossing, Balala little fairy carries the happiness and dream of countless small audiences. Every child is the 'prince or princess' of their parents. The best gift for them in winter vacation is the big movie "Balala Fairy". To be able to watch their favorite movies with their parents is also the happiest thing for every child in a year. So, this winter vacation and Spring Festival holiday, we will enjoy the magic journey of Balala magic fairy with our children. On January 23, we will walk into the cinema and guard our dreams and love together.