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The movie "bear haunts" reveals the second bareheaded strong alliance of bear and big bear

The 3D cartoon movie "bear haunts: the treasure of the bear soldiers" exposes a group of exquisite hand-painted drawings of Xiong Da, Xiong ER and the bareheaded strong alliance to win the treasure, and reproduces the exciting and exciting pictures in the movie. The film "haunted by bears" took the lead in the 2014 Spring Festival due to its three-day box office breaking the box office records of the first day and the first weekend of domestic cartoons. Meanwhile, it also ranked in the top three box office of China's cartoon premieres for the first time, second only to the two imported films "Kung Fu Panda 2" and "ice age 4". At present, the film is being shown in various courtyards all over the country.

The box office of "haunted by bears" broke a record in three days

After its official debut on Friday, the film "bear haunting the treasure" has formed a new year's cartoon pattern with the series of "father the thief 2" and "pleasant goat". However, "bear haunt" won the first day of its release This achievement ranks third in the history of animated films and first in domestic animated films, second only to the two imported films Kung Fu Panda 2 and ice age 4, surpassing the previous domestic animated film champion "pleasant goat and big wolf's happy Dragon Year" by 10 million, and successfully bringing the cartoon opponent and Hollywood blockbuster "touch and feel" to the top in the same period "Hair" left behind. In the following Saturday and Sunday, the film arrangement and attendance rate of "haunted by bears" rose, successfully realizing the box office myth that the domestic animation was released for three days and broke through 100 million yuan. Previously, in the history of Chinese film, only two imported films "Kung Fu Panda 2" and "ice age 4" had such proud box office results. The first domestic animated film with a box office of more than 100 million yuan over the weekend is "bear haunts: the treasure of the bear". The box office trend is strong, breaking the domestic cartoon film box office record of 166 million maintained by pleasant goat and big wolf, which is almost no suspense. It is more likely to become the first domestic cartoon film to break the box office barrier of 200 million.

At the beginning of the publicity of the movie "bear haunting the treasure, bear soldier" is moving towards the goal of "all age". In the big movie story, the plot of air combat, car chasing, wisdom fighting, etc. has also changed the industry bottleneck of domestic cartoon positioning "low age". Relying on the shocking visual effects and humorous, funny, warm plot, it has successfully created a "big hand holding small hand" viewing effect. According to the box office data of the first week of the public show, family watching (buying more than two tickets) accounts for more than 50% of the total box office. The situation that children like watching and adults like it is the core factor of the film sweeping the Spring Festival. The cartoon works with such high style and strong positioning will undoubtedly become the annual works with the strongest vitality and box office explosive force in 2014.

"Position" marketing makes film face to face with audience

In addition to the advanced production concept, "bear haunts the treasure" is the first positional marketing myth of domestic cartoon. Before the public release, a large number of film derivatives and theme gifts have arrived in major movie cities across the country. With the strong gift activities, they have successfully attracted the attention of children and adult audiences. Besides watching the film, they can also enjoy the lucky draw, which has become a new experience for film viewing. In addition to the win-win situation at the box office and word-of-mouth, it has also realized the super extensive 'front-line' marketing of all major cinema lines. The resulting film 'landing' effect seems to have become a new breakthrough in China's film marketing from online to offline and the film directly facing the audience.