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The movie "the test of the magic of Balala Fairy" premiered today with a high popularity, and Wang S

On January 19, the movie "the test of the magic of Balala little devil Fairy" saw 60 cinemas in 50 major cities in China in advance, which made the children in high spirits. Even there was a long line in the front row of the cinema, and the small audience could interact with the movie bridge through the magic summoner.

"The magic test of Balala" held its premiere ceremony in Beijing today (January 20), and the craze caused by Balala continued to the premiere ceremony the day before. Although the press conference was held on Monday, there were still hundreds of parents with their children at the premiere, which made the scene very popular and lively. As the publicity ambassador of "the magic test of the little devil in Balala", Wang Shiling would have appeared at the premiere to witness the magic of the magic Summoner with the children. Unfortunately, due to other work, Wang Shiling, who was only five years old, could not bear it and told her that she could not arrive at the premiere because of illness. Wang Shiling's favorite character 'Meixue' revealed at the press conference that she is a fan of Wang Shiling. I hope she can recover soon, spread positive energy and return to the team of little magic fairy.

"The magic test of Ba la la little devil Fairy" is the only live action animation film of this year's new year's festival. In the film, magic fairy Xiaolan, Maggie and Meixue accidentally release the evil magic genius Fedora, but they bring disaster to the human world. Fedora with his powerful magic around destruction, the little fairy need to work together to defeat him. In this process, the children watching the film can also become a part of the little magic fairy, and help the little magic fairy out of danger through the magic Summoner on his hand.

At the premiere, hundreds of children also witnessed this magical moment. When the host called out the mantra: "Ba la la la la energy, Wu La La La, magic fairy family", the magic summoners of the audience were all shining, just like entering the magic world. The children responded enthusiastically, holding up their magic summoners one after another. Some of the audience even stood directly on their seats, posing as little magic fairy, shouting 'Balala, little magic fairy, ukaraka, little magic fairy change', just like entering the magic world.

In the magic test of Balala little magic fairy, Chen Yuwei, who has been accompanying Maggie and Meixue, plays the role of guarding magic fairy Xiaolan. In addition to the identity of magic fairy, Chen Yuwei is actually a good example for children to learn from, that is' five good Xueba '. Chen Yuwei: 'in the college entrance examination, I got the admission qualifications of four universities at the same time, and I have been awarded scholarships in succession. I always pay attention to my study. I think this is the basic reason for me to get on the stage. "As Xueba, Chen Yuwei also incarnates as Xiaolan's elder sister and teaches the children the magic spell: 'Balala energy, ukaraka, magic fairy Aurora!" at this time, the magic Summoner on the scene flashes again, making the scene become the world of magic fairy again.

In addition to the demons, there was also a confrontation between the queen of justice and the evil Fedora at the premiere, playing the game of "what time is Fedora?". The queen and fedora stand on both sides of the stage, and the children walk towards Fedora hand in hand carefully. Suddenly, Fedora shouts 12 o'clock, and the children immediately turn around and run to the queen. The evil Fedora gets out of danger under the protection of little blue sister, and each of them gets a magic gift bag, which leads to the climax of the scene.