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What's the name of the theme song of bear haunting?

The 3D cartoon "bear's haunt: Bear soldiers" was released today (January 17). The theme song "grow up with you" MV and Spring Festival poster are released to highlight the theme of parent-child and festival, and to create a "big hand holding small hand" family atmosphere, which can be described as a double enjoyment of vision and hearing. The film is jointly produced by Shenzhen Huaqiang, Youyang culture, LETV, Zhujiang film, Kaku satellite TV and hangmei media. Different from other domestic cartoon major 'little fans', the purpose of this "bear haunt" is to cater to the adult audience, try to really create a family atmosphere, pass the festival festivity and positive energy to all audiences, and finally hope to use word-of-mouth to drive the box office.

Theme songs spread positive energy

On the day of the premiere of the big movie "haunted by bears", the film released its first theme song "growing up with you" in line with the film's "parent-child" concept. The light and lively melody matches the warm pictures of bald headed Qiang, Xiong Da, Xiong ER and girls, and the whole video is full of "positive energy". Along with the release of the video, there is also a spring festival poster full of Chinese traditional 'New Year's flavor'. All the main characters in the film are dressed in red Tang suits, and all of them are cute. The overall design of the poster highlights the film's joy, reunion and family reunion. This can be described as a combination of vision and hearing. This kind of joyful and grounded film material has become the magic weapon for the victory of "bear haunt: the bear soldier" in the Spring Festival.

Good reputation becomes a cartoon black horse of Spring Festival

It is reported that the film "bear haunts the treasure, bear soldier" pioneered the concept of "parents' film review meeting" in the previous series of film viewing activities, giving parents the right to supervise children's cartoon works. The activity was well received by more than 15000 parents of children in 53 cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenyang. In the process of scoring the overall quality of the film, more than 75% of the audience gave a full score of 5 points, and the favorable rate of more than 4 points (including 4 points) was more than 95%. This is the first time that parents gave such a high score to cartoon films in China. Such a high score makes the film more confident in the new year's festival, and also creates a strong posture that the film "bear haunts: the soldier of the lost treasure" does not show the first fire.

As one of the 12 cartoon works during the Spring Festival, the film has accumulated a lot of popularity and reputation before its release. According to the sales data, in the second round of o2o 'direct selling' ticketing activities of the big movie "haunted by bears", the hot trend of the first round of pre-sale continued. More than 20000 movie tickets were sold out in less than a week. Although the film makers actively organized additional shows, there was still a shortage of supply in some cities. In the second round of ticket buying, more than 60% of the audience bought tickets on the recommendation of friends who participated in the first round of screening. Among them, there are many 'Group' audiences who bought more than three tickets at a time. It has become a new fashion for the Spring Festival in 2014 to enjoy parent-child cartoons with their families.