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Tong Liya reveals Chen Sicheng's desire to create "like a child"

Chen Sicheng's TV play Beijing love story, directed and performed by himself, has been loved and affirmed by young men and women. He and his lover Tong Liya have a wonderful marriage because of the drama student complex. According to the audience effect of TV series, Chen Sicheng was inspired to shoot a film version of "northern love" to reinterpret the essence of love. Recently, the film version of "northern love" has revealed a series of warm version posters. Let's enjoy it!

Chen Sicheng's first film, Beijing love story, recently released a series of warm character posters and director's special. Five couples, led by Liang Jiahui and Carina Lau, share their love vows. In this group of confessions about "I love you", hugging, looking at each other, accompanying, missing and staying together become the themes. The five couples are sweet and warm. By the Aegean Sea, director Chen Sicheng talks about the dream making journey and interprets the work "let women understand men better and men love women more". Liang Jiahui and Carina Lau praised Chen Sicheng for being "high, intoxicated, and understanding actors." Tong Liya revealed that Chen Sicheng's set was completely like a child.

Perfect 'warm with love'

Liang Jiahui, Carina Lau 'keep a secret, keep you'

"I love you, that is, you keep the secret, I keep you." this is the interpretation of "I love you" by Liang Jiahui and Carina Lau. The Smiths, who had previously been exposed to cheating, quarreling and kicking on the Aegean coast, changed their hot and spicy style, put away the smell of gunpowder, took a warm line and talked a lot about staying together. The word 'secret' in the advertisement reveals the mystery. I don't know what's behind the two people's affair, so that I want to 'keep a secret and keep you'.

Like Liang Jiahui and Carina Lau, other couples are also affectionate. Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya, who are about to get married, are enviable for their 'I love you' about hugging and future. Wang Xuebing and Yu Nan appear directly in wedding photos and talk about "Xiao San" and "even if you think about other women, I still think about you". It seems that Yu Nan, a good wife, is still willing to be a "waiting man" in the face of "slag man". Wang Qingxiang and Siqingaowa lead the combination of the old and the young, pointing to both ends of the feelings, from looking at each other to accompanying, holding hands for a lifetime, which is also full of warmth.

Chen Sicheng's dream madness

Tong Liya reveals director's desire to create like a child

By the Aegean Sea, Chen Sicheng, the maker of this warm love movie, confesses to the camera that the movie is his ultimate dream. He is willing to be a dreamer to make his work longer than his life. Tong Liya revealed that Chen Sicheng, who is addicted to the movie dream, is quite devoted. Once excited, he will be completely like a child, and even can't sleep. If you get a shot that is beyond expectation, you will be happy one day. You will share it with Tong Liya, and sometimes have a drink together to celebrate.

Chen Sicheng, who has entered the big screen for the first time, is an old and spicy man. He walks between warmth, hot and funny. He is good at both fresh and heavy tastes. Liang Jiahui said that as a young director, Chen Sicheng had a lot of ideas and devoted herself to her own story. Carina Lau praised him for his professionalism and understanding of actors. Chen Sicheng, who lives in the 'crazy', is also a crazy guy. He's so crazy. Geng Le and Wang Xuebing make complaints about their actions.