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The movie "you at the same table" is scheduled to be released on April 25

The film "you at the same table" is scheduled to be released on April 25. The film held a press conference in Beijing today (January 8). Gao Xiaosong, together with leading actors Zhou Dongyu, Mike Sui and Wang Xiaokun, appeared. At the scene, Gao Xiaosong revealed that the inspiration for his creation of "you at the same table" came from a girl at the same table whom he deeply loved in junior high school. His pursuit ended in failure because of the obstruction of his parents.

Lin Xinxin, who is at the same table with Zhou Dongyu in the film, was absent from the press conference. When asked about her gossip partner, Zhou Dongyu was very careful and refused to disclose any information. When it comes to the standard of "Prince Charming", she said that "the most important thing is feeling, and appearance is not the first.". '

Gao Xiaosong reveals that chasing female deskmate almost gets beaten and doesn't direct because of too much pressure

The original idea of the film comes from Gao Xiaosong's ballad of the same name "you at the same table" created in 1994. Gao Xiaosong also revealed his creative inspiration 20 years ago at the press conference. Gao Xiaosong said frankly that the prototype of the song was the girl at the same table in junior high school. "In that era, it was very simple. He liked to ride under the building every night, and he didn't know which family he lived in. He just stood under the building for half an hour, and it was easy Don't shout, don't shout, and make a heart-shaped one. Just have a look under the building. Then she graduated in the third year of junior high school and went to another school. Because I was in the fourth middle school, she went to another school, so I collapsed. She went to her house and said we should fall in love. She said I would ask my father when he came back. We didn't speak for two hours. We were silent for several hours. When her father came back from work, he came out and said that my father said that if you dare to come again, he will break your leg. '

At a classmate gathering 15 years after graduation, Gao Xiaosong himself recognized all the students, but he didn't recognize the deskmate he liked at that time. "Because I can't forget her in my mind, and constantly re portray her in my mind. In fact, the memory is not very real, and the most real thing is those forgotten things. "Lao Lang and Gao Xiaosong later became famous with the song" you at the same table ". It is said that Lao Lang saved his wife's feelings because of this song. Gao Xiaosong also clarified for him," Lao Lang and his wife fell in love early in high school, and I didn't know him at that time. "You at the same table" also played a role. His wife had been studying abroad. She was not only a Stanford master, but also a founding employee of Yahoo. When their social status was very different, "you at the same table" became popular, so Lao Lang caught up with them again. They were just fine. '

Gao Xiaosong has been involved in directing with dawusheng, but this time, as the person who has the deepest feelings for the song, he gave up directing himself. "This is the bottom of my box. It's normal to shoot well. If it's not good, it's insanity. I have a lot of psychological pressure myself, and it's a bit difficult to go back 20 years ago. '