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What is the total box office of police story in 2013? It has exceeded 450 million and held a celebra

What is the total box office of police story in 2013? Now it has exceeded 450 million. How much will the final box office of this film break? It's a matter of concern.

On the evening of January 7, 2014, "Police Story 2013" held a celebration meeting in Beijing to celebrate the box office breakthrough of 450 million. Director Ding Sheng (microblog) and starring Jackie Chan, Jing Tian (microblog) and Liu Ye attended the meeting.

On the scene of the celebration, someone gave the crew a copy of the script "king of police and bandits", which undoubtedly gave the main creative team a shot of stimulant. Jackie Chan said that he would continue to shoot this series of stories and still be able to fight, but he would not play father and daughter with Jingtian any more. Instead, he would play lovers, causing the whole audience to scream.

Jackie Chan promised that he would shoot a sequel after "Police Story 2013": "Police Story 2016" or "Police Story 2017" & hellip; "

Rushing to 500 million, worthy of the "king of police and bandits"

On the first day of its release on December 24, 2013, the box office of "Police Story 2013" exceeded 65 million yuan, breaking the box office record of mainland police and bandit films in only one day -- the previous highest was "strong west wind", with more than 60 million yuan.

Before the release of the imported blockbuster "Ender's game" on January 7, 2014, "Police Story 2013" has been firmly at the top of the market, with 277 million in the first weekend and 165 million in the second week. With the box office on Monday and Tuesday, as of the evening of January 7, the cumulative box office of the film has exceeded 460 million. At present, the film's film layout ratio is second only to Ender's game, ranking second in the market. There are more than 5 million single day output per day, and it is hopeful to break through 500 million within this week.

Before the release of the film, Ding Sheng, the director of the film, said in an interview with reporters that his biggest expectation is that investors will not lose money: "as long as the box office exceeds 300 million, they will not lose money. Now it seems that it will not lose money, but also make a big profit, because in addition to mainland China, the film will be shown in dozens of other countries or regions around the world.

At the celebration, someone sent the four big characters of "Police Story 2013," the king of police and bandits. Jackie Chan and Ding Sheng couldn't put it down. However, Jackie Chan, who is good at making jokes, commented on his shortcomings: "who wrote this? It doesn't make a name, but the characters are good!" which made the whole audience laugh.

The police story series will continue to be filmed

The police story series, the new police story, Jackie Chan's police and bandit movies almost accompany the lives of the post-80s and post-90s generation. However, it is the first time for them to come to the mainland and become a police officer, so police story 2013 has become a brand new series.

After the box office sales, Jackie Chan promised on the spot that he would continue to shoot this series: "for example," Police Story 2016 "or" Police Story 2017 ", or" Police Story 2020 ". At that time, I just had to sit in the office and watch Jaycee Fang (micro blog) (wechat number: jcfangzi) come in and report for duty - in other words, I wanted to start playing the role of" Dragon Prince "instead of fighting any more. '

Ding Sheng clapped his chest and said, "it's all up to me." but he corrected: "big brother can still play. It's no problem. Let him play more in the next episode. "Jackie Chan's face is full of joy.

Have a chance to play 'lovers' with Jingtian

In Police Story 2013, Jackie Chan and Jingtian's "father daughter relationship" has become a highlight, which has attracted many audience's tears. Director Ding Sheng said that he can't believe himself: "they all say that I can only make action movies, but I didn't expect that I can also make emotional movies. '

On the scene of the celebration, the main creators also played a 'truth adventure'. Jing Tian was asked if she would have another chance to cooperate with Jackie Chan next time, who would like to play him, or her daughter? Jing Tian hesitated, not to say it, but Jackie Chan was straightforward: "play lovers!" he simply said three words.

'is it really OK, big brother?' "Jing Tian can't believe her ears. Jackie Chan didn't even think: 'I can. '

Liu Ye said that the wonderful villains in his attempt made him see more possibilities and admire Ding Sheng: "the director has been holding on for three years, and he is really extraordinary. Next time I get a chance, I want to be a good man. '