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How much is the box office on the first day of the movie "I'm sorry, I love you"

What's the box office of the movie "I'm sorry, I love you" on the first day? The big stars all supported it on Weibo. On the first day, they encountered an "accident" in film arrangement, and the audience complained that the film arrangement was too little for extra shows, which shows that it was deeply loved by people.

Directed by Yang Zi, a post-80s new power director, and starring Jin Rong, Wen Xin, Wang Ji and Huang Kaijie, the love action movie "I'm sorry, I love you", adapted from the classic Korean drama of the same name ten years ago, was released nationwide yesterday.

As China's only domestic film to enter the United Nations headquarters to hold the premiere and show, more than ten spot shows across the country have accumulated good reputation before the premiere. Sorry, I love you. It has topped the list of hot topics on microblog and won the support of many celebrities in the circle. Cai Yilin (Weibo), Sun Li, Zhong Hanliang (Weibo), Wu Qilong (Weibo), Zhao Liying and He Rundong (Weibo) (wechat) : peterho0913), Wang Dongcheng (micro blog) (micro signal: Jiro)_ (wechat: huge)_ Weixin, Liu Wanhong, Wu kehuang (micro blog) (micro signal: kenjiwu01), Du Haitao (micro blog) and others expressed their support and expectation through video or micro blog. The popularity of the film is unusual. However, the first day of release, the film layout is too low, and the number of shows in the evening is too few, which also brings inconvenience to the audience. Many fans complain and ask for more shows.

The only pure love movie released this winter has a good reputation

The story of "I'm sorry, I love you" is modified from the classic love of the original play, and it is also a representation of the tearful and sad love of the original play. The film is known as "the only pure love film this winter". As the first love movie in 2014, "I'm sorry, I love you" has the freshness, romance, aestheticism and moving, as well as sadness of classic love, which leads the audience to relive the classics and at the same time sprout the desire and hope for true love.

Since its debut at the Fourth New York China Film Festival and the United Nations headquarters in New York, the film has been screened in more than 10 domestic cities, with a total of more than 5000 people watching the film. It has gained good reputation. It has not only won praise from various netizens, but also been favored by many film critics and industry insiders. The film critic Tieren's comment is not so much a tribute to the classics as a warm and beautiful emotional masterpiece based on the essence of the original. "Pony shimmering" wrote: "when you review the classic again, your heart will tremble for it.". The famous blogger Yan Cheng reviews after watching the film. In the character setting, one is as cold as sea water, the other is as warm as fire. In the double baptism of sea water and fire, it also declares that there is no regret of youth and no turning back of love. As for the tearful ability of the film, Yang bubing, a popular microblog, reminds the audience that "since it's an adaptation of a heart abusing Korean drama, if lovers watch it, please prepare a tissue for the girl and don't wear too expensive clothes.". For many audiences who have seen the film, this classic adaptation is a return with the memory of ten years ago. "Ten years ago, I saw the original Korean drama crying, but I didn't expect that I would be so moved to see it again ten years later." and the audience who haven't seen the original drama also made no secret of their appreciation for the film. "It can be seen that it's a sincere film, very funny and touching. The center of the watching process is always hanging, and it's not true I like it a lot. '

Cai Yilin, Sun Li and Wu Qilong send their best wishes to all the stars to support the popularity of Weibo

The movie "I'm sorry, I love you" has been highly anticipated by the audience for the reappearance of the classic, and quickly gained popularity with its excellent quality and good reputation. Recently, a video recording the audience's reaction to the movie, which is called 'netizens turn crazy, can't hold in 1 minute and 14 seconds! ", is very popular. The exaggerated reaction greatly stimulates the desire to watch the movie, and this video microblog has also won the attention of many big names in the circle. The article (microblog) first expressed her expectation for the movie "I'm sorry, I love you" on the microblog, followed by Taiwan idol He Rundong, who also cheered on the microblog: "I'm looking forward to it too! First, I'll find a movie with laughter and tears in the new year to move myself!" while recommending the movie, Sun Li also teased He Rundong. Do you also play Xiao He? "Hu Ge's microblog supports not forgetting to sell Meng, who was a fan of Su Jisub always asked himself why I'm not single eyelid, single eyelid and single eyelid. It seems that in the movie version, double eyelid uncle Jin Rong realized his dream by accident. The biggest bright spot is that Cai Yilin, the "Queen of heaven" microblog, tweets the microblog of "Dadong" Wang Dongcheng and encourages "go go go". Jin Rong, as the No.1 man in the film and the first star of the film, responded quickly to the blessing of his' gossip girlfriend 'by saying' thank you for your support. I'm so happy that it's finally released '. Many netizens expressed their excitement that' Tian Hou has come out to support it. We must go and have a look. '. '

With the release of the movie "I'm sorry, I love you", the microblog has become more and more lively. Zhong Hanliang, the immortal male god, and Gao Yunxiang, the popular male star, are also on the microblog (microblog), popular idol Jiang Chao and 'Mou girl' Liman, and stars Jinrong, Wenxin and Wang Ji also recorded 'advertisement' videos one after another, expressing their feelings with 'sorry, I love you'. Netizens followed suit one after another. Microblog published true love sentiment, which once topped the list of hot topics on microblog.

On the first day of film arrangement, the audience complained about the lack of film arrangement and the need for more scenes

On the one hand, there was a warm response from microblog. The movie "I'm sorry, I love you" had a high expectation. On the first day of its release on January 3, it encountered an "accident" in film arrangement, with only 3.5% film arrangement in the cinema line. Many fans complained about the unreasonable arrangement of film arrangement in the cinema. Because the number of scenes mostly concentrated in the morning and noon, especially the lack of night scenes, it was inconvenient to watch the film. From the point of view of ticket sales, the film cooperates with many ticketing websites to pre sell in advance. Many audiences feel that they can't find suitable cinemas and shows to watch the film after buying tickets, and complain about the injustice of the film. "It's not easy to wait until I plan to review the classic. What's the matter?" and many viewers who have seen the film are also angry. "The film is really good. Can't a big shot judge an excellent film As a romantic film, it's fresh and romantic. My best friend and I love it very much. I really don't understand why there are so few films arranged. Even many netizens directly appeal to cinemas to increase the number of films arranged, especially at night. This kind of romantic love film is most suitable to watch as a dating film.