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Movie "Fire Hero" released today

The action blockbuster fire fighting hero, starring Nicholas Tse, Yu wenle, Ren Dahua, Hu Jun, Chen Weiting, an Zhijie, Bai Bing, Tan Yaowen, Luo Shi and Jackie Chan as guest stars, was officially released in cinemas across the country today (January 3). There are more than 2000 special effects scenes in the film. The scene of blackout and smoke erosion in the city of Hong Kong is really shocking, and the whole scene is full of high. There is also a group of super man men turned into firefighters to form a 'model men fire fighting group' to attract attention. It is worth mentioning that in the Cantonese version, Hu Jun's' nonsense Cantonese 'and Jackie Chan's friendly guest star' pair up 'and become two big laughs. When the film was screened in Hong Kong earlier, it was not only hard to get a vote, but also praised by Wen Jun in Qing Bao as "absolutely the most anticipated real finale of Hong Kong film this year.". In the mainland trial, the film also received praise from the ashes of critics including Wei Junzi. At the same time, the ordinary audience also spoke highly of the film. It can be said that the "zero bad review" led the opening of 2014 film.

Special effects: create a super 2000 special effects lens, which is comparable to "Dragon King in Shendu"

2014 Chinese New Year action blockbuster "Fire Hero" officially landed in the national cinema today. The film retains the charm of traditional Hong Kong films, and almost all of them are produced by the Hong Kong team, proving the strong return of Hong Kong films this year. The first is the real special effects. According to Huang Zhiheng, who is the special effects director this time, "Fire Hero" is a movie with a large proportion of CG, with more than 2000 special effects shots, which is equivalent to Tsui Hark's "the God of Di Renjie, the Dragon King" and is very challenging. One of the most impressive scenes is the blackout of the whole city and the paralysis of Hong Kong. In the film, Hong Kong suffered a rare blackout in a century. The whole city was paralyzed by electricity, and the city fell into darkness all night long. The scene was shocking, and it was the first time in Chinese movies.

In the description of the fire scene, the film also made a lot of efforts, a large number of special effects, highly restored the real scene, high turned the whole scene. Different from other movies about fire, smoke will be one of the main characters in fire hero, which is also the key reason why there are so many special effects in the movie. At the beginning of the movie, it is emphasized that the biggest enemy in the fire is smoke. 'in the film, sometimes the smoke will come like a beast, sometimes it will jump out of the door like a poisonous snake, and sometimes it will attack and surround the firemen in an instant. These pictures of fire injuring people and smoke eroding people are very shocking.

Human feelings: Nicholas Tse leads the fire fighting group of men, showing the overt and covert fighting between men

As an important bomb of new year's Eve, the super luxury lineup of "Fire Hero" is out of the reach of other films, which is also an important reason why the film didn't show fire first. The powerful movie king lineup composed of Nicholas Tse, Ren Dahua, Hu Jun and Tan Yaowen, and the model man lineup composed of Yu wenle, an Zhijie, Chen Weiting, Guan Zhibin and Wu Haokang, have made a lot of eye-catching joint efforts. Let the whole film smell of male hormones. Previously, more media praised "Fire Hero" as a "super man" movie, "men see themselves, women see men.".

In addition to the strong lineup, good stories and unique themes are also one of the selling points of fire hero. In the film, besides fighting pipe fire, many men have to face more fights between human nature. Nicholas Tse, Yu wenle and an Zhijie fight openly and secretly for the rights of the fire station. They betray their brothers and take advantage of the opportunity to get on the top. They even fight. They are regarded as men's conflicts in the workplace. Hu Jun and Ren Dahua will also lose their way in the smoke and fight against their dark side. Guo Zi is both a director and a screenwriter. His style has won the support of many leading actors. "I've always wanted to make some real movies and put a real feeling into them. This time shooting the action film of firefighters, I can really show this feeling. '

Comedy: Hu Jun's "nonsense Cantonese" laughs, audience asks for Cantonese version from cinema

Although "Fire Hero" is called "new year action blockbuster", there are many comic elements in it. Shortly after the movie begins, there is a thrilling scene of a meteorite attack on Hong Kong. Then Jackie Chan, who drives a fire engine and turns into a fire alarm, appears to control the scene. However, as soon as the picture turns, Jackie Chan actually appears on the TV. It turns out that the scene just happened is just a propaganda film. The firefighters in the film still tease 'isn't Jackie Chan shooting the police story? How can he be a firefighter'? The plot is reversed In addition, "Police Story 2013" is being released in the 'God synchronous' let the audience laugh.

If Jackie Chan's appearance is just a comedy, Hu Jun definitely becomes a comedy character in the film. Hu Jun, who is set to be a fireman from the mainland in Hong Kong, speaks poor Cantonese with an inexplicable Shandong accent, but his expression is always serious, which makes the audience laugh one after another. Even Bai Bing, who is also from the mainland in the film, can't stand it. It's better for him to speak Mandarin directly. After watching the film, some viewers said, "I always thought that Mr. Hu Jun was a tough guy, but I didn't expect that he had the talent of a comedian!". Since Hu Jun's "Xigan luanjin" is only in the Cantonese version, many audiences also responded to the cinema, hoping to broadcast the original.

Word of mouth: Zero negative reviews lead the new year's festival, praised by Wen Jun as the 'real finale' of Hong Kong Film

Earlier, "Fire Hero" premiered in Hong Kong and won high praise, showing a warm scene of hard to get a vote. In the process of watching the film, the audience not only praised the scenes of Nicholas Tse, Ren Dahua and others fighting to save people, but also expressed deep feelings for the friendship and family affection in the film. The film's good reputation also continued to ferment on microblog and other interactive platforms.

With the release of the film approaching, "Fire Hero" has become the most discussed film in the same period. On Douban, timenet and other well-known film review websites, it beat the Hollywood blockbuster Holy Grail artifact released on the same day, making a good start for the Chinese film new year. And the film's high quality and zero negative comment reputation, so that the film and the cinema are full of confidence in this film. It is reported that the film has applied for next year's gold medal, and many critics said that the film is definitely the most powerful contender for various awards. Wen Jun, former chairman of the awards, also strongly praised "fire fighting hero", which is definitely the most anticipated real finale of Hong Kong films this year. "After the trial in the mainland, many people in the industry also praised the film. Wei junzi, a cinerary Hong Kong film critic, said, "with Du Qifeng's" one hundred thousand urgent "ahead, Guo Zijian's" Fire Hero "can still bring forth new ideas, capture the human nature shrouded in smoke through the fire, and form a unique dark blood hero film. I'm most happy to see Guo Zijian play with all kinds of elements (ghost movies, disasters, monsters) in an orderly way. It's hard to achieve the unity of business type and personal style. "Critics from all walks of life have also come out to support" Fire Hero "as the best Hong Kong film of the year. And many ordinary viewers who watched the spot show in advance also said on their microblog, "there is a kind of soul stirring poetry, which makes people still have more than enough. '