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The box office of the film "private customization" has exceeded 500 million in 10 days, and has been

Feng Xiaogang's film private customization is hot. The box office of the film has been soaring since it was released. According to statistics, the total box office of the film has exceeded 1 billion in 10 days, and the good-looking points are constantly showing up!

The box office of "private customization" exceeded 500 million in 10 days, and the speed of "10 days over 5" made it the second fastest "break 5" list of Chinese 2D films.

At the just concluded national college screening venue, "private customization" was accepted by college students in Tsinghua University, Renmin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Beijing Normal University and other universities. The screening auditorium of each university was "overcrowded". Many college students said after watching the movie: "private customization" is definitely the most suitable movie to take their family to the cinema this year, No one. '

Key words 1: 'happy family'

"This year's new year's festival is full of fighting and killing blockbusters. It's a bit too much to watch. Fortunately, there's also" private customization. "A junior student of Renmin University said after watching the movie:" Feng's humor + sketch style narrative, no matter what age people can find laughter and resonance in "private customization". I've already told my family that I'll take my parents and grandparents with me this Saturday Grandma goes to the cinema in a group to enjoy herself! "

Key word 2: 'who said it wasn't pretty'

"Private customization" is not good? This topic has been buzzing on the Internet since the movie was not officially released. With the advance of the release date, many netizens spontaneously "comment" after watching the movie: "don't listen to any deception. You have to go to the cinema to watch this new year's movie yourself. After watching the film, a student from Beijing Normal University said: 'I don't know what the reason is. I have seen a lot of negative comments on "private customization" on the Internet before, including some personal attacks. Today, I went to see the campus scene, and the laughter of the students never stopped during the whole process of watching the film. Despite the shortcomings of the film, how can the audience ignore the dozens of times of laughter? "

Key word 3: 'smile and tears'

"I haven't laughed heartlessly for a long time, and I haven't cried heartily for a long time," one Tsinghua female college student said after watching the movie: "during the Spring Festival, the audience just want to relax when they go to the cinema. They laugh as if there is no one else to relieve themselves. We really enjoy the movie. I haven't heard so many people laugh together for a long time. The story of Mr. Song Dandan is very moving. When the song of "where has all the time gone" comes together, the girls in the field can't hold it. There's laughter and tears. It's private. It's good. '

Directed by Feng Xiaogang, starring ge you, Bai Baihe, Li Xiaolu and Zheng Kai, and joined by Song Dandan, Fan Wei, Li Chengru, Wang Baoqiang and many other comedians, "private customization" is now on the air, with a box office of more than 500 million in 10 days, ranking second in the list of the fastest Chinese 2D movies to break 5. At the just concluded "private customized" National College screening, students supported the 2013 Feng's new year comedy with the impression that "there is no one must see a movie in this year's new year's festival".