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Where's dad going? The finale of new year's Eve

Where are you going, dad? The first season ends in ice kingdom. Six trips, from Lingshui village in summer clothes to Xuexiang village in Harbin, flashed back familiar scenes. Dads could not help but shed tears, and everyone ran with them. The most important tear gas is that the contents of the letters of the five dads are all exposed. Dads read the letters to their children with tears, poking netizens' tears.

"Dad" created the 2013 annual ratings peak, and also let everyone remember the lovely 'super cute friends' and dads, but the end is not the end. Dads' microblogs have put out the slogan' we won't say goodbye 'one after another, because the new journey is about to start. 'jungle adventure, challenge upgrade. The big movie "where are you going, Dad" will be released on the first day of the lunar new year on January 31. Following the release of the "pink version" promotional film, there will be more surprises to be released soon, and the children's performance on the big screen is more worthy of the audience's expectation.

The program of issue 12, let the audience witness that the cute kids grow up little by little, and the star dads grow up step by step, which also brings us too much moving and surprise. Although the first season has ended temporarily, the journey of love will never end. Before the big movie is released, let's review the wonderful scenes left in the hearts of the audience by the cute kids.

Zhang Yuexuan, the son of Zhang Liang

One of the key words: appetite is earlier than waking up

Do you remember the phrase "I'm afraid I won't be obedient if my mother doesn't go" every day? When I appeared on the stage, I let everyone know what it means to have an appetite earlier than waking up. I started the breakfast rhythm in my sleep. Sure enough, the most uncertain child in the first phase was Zhang Liang, because Xiaotian was never in the normal rhythm.

Key words 2: watermelon swing

'naughty, disobedient, coquettish' & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; & middot; if you think so, it's out, because it will make you laugh everyday immediately:

Zhang Liang: "look, what's this?"

Every day: 'er & hellip; & hellip; ER & hellip; & hellip; watermelon swings. '

In a word, 'watermelon swings', the Creativity Index of little male god is five stars.

Key words three: I just want to give you a Dogtail

During the cooking process, the village head asked the children to vote with Dogtail grass. As a result, Zhang Liang, the best cook, ran out every day. Zhang Liang thought he was disobedient every day and wanted to give up the competition. He said: 'if you want to leave, I'll be the last one. It's your fault to get the last one. 'unexpectedly, the result surprised everyone. I was worried that my father would be punished every day. I just wanted to find a Dogtail grass for you. How many people were moved by this sentence?

Keyword 4: I don't want you to know that he broke it

In egg protection, Zhang Xiaoma was broken by Tian Liang (microblog) every day. Although he was very sad, in order not to make his father sad, he lied and said that he broke it himself. But what's more unexpected is that he lied every day in order not to want his father to have a bad relationship with Tian Liang. He also comforted his father by laughing and crying, which made the fathers in front of the monitor dumbfounded. It's hard to imagine a 6-year-old child breaking eggs Taking into account the feelings of adults, I would rather wronged myself. This time, I let you know a "little warm man" who has a sense of responsibility and has the courage to undertake.

Wang yuelun's nicknames: Angela, tiantianren, nicknames: Little Princess Yuanqi, little Lori

One of the key words: grandfather, you are good at home

When the babies received the task to find food materials, Angela inherited the high EQ eloquence of her mother Li Xiang (microblog), and when she saw her grandfather leaving, she told him to stay at home, so she immediately became the focus. She was praised for her family education.

Key words two: I'm not a big star, I'm a little princess

Before the desert trip, the children bought food with their father. As soon as Angela appeared, she immediately gathered around a group of children. Xiaotiantian soon got acquainted with her friends and warmly invited her new friends to play at home. Her social skills were 100 points. The most hilarious thing was that three children asked Angela 'are you a big star?', and Wang Shiling replied: 'I'm not a big star, I'm a little princess. '

Key words 3: Dad, I'm too thin

At the beach football match, Wang Shiling watched calmly. As a result, the wheat tied to her waist fell off. Angela was full of confidence and stressed in her high voice, 'dad, I'm too thin'. Unexpectedly, she was sharply refuted by Cindy beside her. Xiaotiantian was not reconciled. She was like 'who said I'm fat and who's anxious', making the biggest joke of the night.

Angela: 'I'm too thin. Can I put on more weight? "

Cindy: 'you're not thin at all. '

Angela: 'sendie, what do you mean? I'm not thin. What is it? Why do I fall down? I'm thin.'

Netizens are laughing at "how can there be such a funny child?" little Pangniu and Wang yuelun are laughing all over.

Key words four: everyday, were you crazy just now?

Tian Liang takes care of his five children on behalf of his father. He wakes up early every morning. He thinks he has been forgotten. He gets up angry and can't tie his shoelaces. The more he thinks about it, the more he feels sad and tears silently. When Tian Liang, the "left behind public father", appeared, it finally broke out every day. Maybe the warm man scared Angela. When she brushed her teeth, Angela attached to her side and asked seriously, "everyday, were you crazy just now?" she brushed her teeth and looked at her suspiciously every day. She was so happy with her silly little eyes.

Key words 5: put the village head in the basket

As soon as Wang Shiling heard that she was going to leave her father, she cried and said, "I want my father! I want my father! I don't want to participate! I don't want the village head. Put the village head in the basket. Even village head Li Rui still doesn't understand why Angela put me in the basket

Lin Zhiying's son Xiaozhi's nickname: Kimi, nickname: Heimi brother, Chaomeng xiaozhengtai

One of the key words: goodbye to Xiao Huang, take good care of yourself

Do you remember the scene when Kimi didn't give up the category of "goodbye" because she wanted to hand in "Xiao Huang" at the beginning of the program? In addition, Lin Zhiying posted a group photo with Kimi's favorite doll "Xiao Huang" on her micro blog. As a result, "Xiao Huang" was known to everyone overnight, which led to the hot sales of peripheral products. Netizens shared the same Taobao model one after another, and @ Xiao Zhi 'you see, I have Xiao Huang' too. It's very lively.

Key words 2: Daddy, I want to eat grandma

Lin Zhiying is in a hurry. She has to take care of little Kimi when she wants to make dumplings, make a fire and cook dumplings. Her sentence "Dad wants to drink grandma more than I do" is so cute that it has caused netizens to tease all kinds of dialect versions. Drinking grandma has become a powerful tool for countless people's mobile phones.

Key words 3: Aote egg

The desert issue happened to be Kimi's fourth birthday. The program team specially held a desert bonfire party to celebrate Kimi's birthday. However, brother Heimi always thought about Altman's eggs. Although he got a little guitar, 'why not Altman's eggs?', it also made many netizens' heartbreak 'and' Altman's eggs' dominate the list of hot topics on microblog for a long time.

The son of Guo Tao

One of the key words: "white cloud granny" smile

In the program, stone is in the period of changing teeth. The little stone, who lacks two front teeth, always laughs at the camera with a simple and honest face, and shows a brilliant smile like 'Granny Baiyun'. It's really cute.

Key words 2: Divine logic 'dad, can you take this home? "

Skate: "Dad, can you take this skateboard home?"

Skiing: 'dad, I want to take the sledge back.'

Seaside: "Dad, I want this shovel!"

By the sea: 'dad, can you give this slingshot away? "

Saizhu: "Dad, can I take my pig back?"

Brother stone is really impolite. He wants to take everything home. He must be a good man to look after his family when he grows up.

The third key word: pure men act in coquetry

Although the appearance of "one armed man" in previous issues still can't cover up brother stone's simple and honest nature. He knows how to take care of his younger brother and sister, and pays special attention to whether the village head has dinner or not. But pure men also act as coquettish and cute. The crisp voice makes a large number of netizens call out 'can't stand it' and 'stone doll is too cute'.

Tian Yucheng, Tian Liang's daughter

One of the key words: cry God

As soon as Cindy appeared on the stage, she let everyone know what "cry God" is. She can freely switch between "Lin Daiyu" and "strange woman". It is said that little Cindy's burst of "crying skill" can instantly petrify people, and she can cry for three hours without losing her tone. On TV, it's just the tip of the iceberg. This unique set of "crying skill" is self-taught, and "crying God" really deserves its reputation.

Key words 2: eat, sleep, beat beans

The most perfect way to go to bed is to listen to Dad's story. However, there is only one story about Tian Liang, which is' eating and sleeping with beans', and it's also a Chongqing dialect version. Little Cindy's impromptu imitation of dad's accent is permeated with a strong Western flavor, which once set off a boom of 'playing with beans' on the Internet.

Key words 3: King of foot picking

This woman, who looks super loli, is energetic and always runs in the wind, but has another heavy taste habit of picking her feet. She also laughs at "Dad, you liked picking your feet when you were a child." Tian Liang is very poor. It seems that Virgo is really a king of cleanliness, unable to respond to "Dad is in bed, anyway, she doesn't like picking her feet!" this remark once triggered a hot discussion on the Internet that "Aries is a big guy with picking his feet." Netizens enthusiastically reminded "sister Cindy, don't give up treatment.".

Key words 4: a good woman will become an angel

At the end of the day, Cindy suddenly discussed with Angela about the philosophy of life. She also said that a good woman will become an angel, and a good boy will become an angel's husband. She still told Angela to be a good woman when she grew up. Netizens were shocked and said, "I'm almost not sure how to laugh." it seems that Cindy has started to study how to become a good woman when she was young, so let's grow up well.